This past week my schedule has been filled to the brim and between work, wedding appointments,shopping and house chores, I didn’t even realize when the days flew by. Suffice to say I haven’t found the time to take pictures for an outfit post or attend the Feeric Fashion Days, although I had high hopes for both. I always knew the month before the wedding was going to be crazy, but I still planned on being around the blog for as much as possible. Sometimes I manage quite alright, at others I struggle and I end up feeling guilty.

In a perfect world, I would probably be doing it all, but if the past few days taught me anything is that I should really be taking things slow whenever possible and enjoy these moments as they are never coming back. So, no outfit today, but instead I decided to share with you little bits of life lately, a few goodies and I thought that maybe you missed Puss, who recently explored endless fields of grass for the first time, which somehow explains his terrified expression. Not so brave in the real world my sweet boy ♥ ♥ ♥

Lately 01

Lately 02

Lately 03

One of my absolute favourite breakfasts of the month

Lately 04

The way I choose to relax on my short breaks during the day

Lately 05

New cobalt flat sandals for the summer

Lately 06

My new best friend – the Clarisonic Mia 2

Lately 07

Beautiful gift from my fiance for our wedding day and our wedding rings, the picture doesn’t do them justice

Lately 08

Our beautiful wedding invitation ♥

Lately 09

Detail of the dress I’ll be wearing at our civil wedding ceremony ♥

Lately 10

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Happy weekend!

10 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Moi Contre Le Vie

    Adore that book on Coco, it's one of my favorites, and your cat is too freaking cute! I want to get mine a leash too, he needs to lose some weight… Haha :)

  2. archista

    Loving all those little snaps! Puss looks so adorable, I didn't know there was a leash for cats as well?
    Your civil wedding dress looks gorgeous! I'm already sure you're gonna shine on your wedding day :)
    Is that clarisonic good? I heard so much about it and wanna try but it seems bit expensive

  3. thehearabouts

    This is so sweet, why did I not comment on this post? Puss is adorable, I love his scared kitty face!

    And the wedding invitation is so dainty. You will be such a beautiful bride, I'm sooo excited ^_^

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