Free Spirit

Ever since we began planning our wedding, I started having a recurring dream (my first and hopefully last experience of the sort) where I found myself without a dress, desperately seeking for someone to do my hair and make-up, hours before the wedding. Picture that! I even dreamt that I had completely forgotten about the wedding up until the day it was suppose to happen, or that we both fell asleep and woke up by the time we should have already been in church. I blamed the anxiety, because as you may already know, I am a sort of control freak, which explains my need to constantly organize and surround myself with infinite to-do lists.

As the months went by and things started falling into place, some easier than others, I regained a sense of calmness and now with little over a month before our big day, I finally feel at ease, like a big weight has just been lifted up my shoulders, although there is still plenty to do and many moments left for me to freak out.

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I think yesterday’s outfit embodied that sense of ease that I reached as of recently and despite its simplicity, it felt like the perfect thing to wear on a Sunday evening spent with my love, still making plans, thinking about how the day will eventually turn out, laughing and imagining all sorts of situations. Starting this week, we begin our dance classes, which got me pretty excited, as I can’t hardly wait to waltz on our wedding song!

Wearing | H&M Shirt, Bracelet & Ear Cuff | Terranova Shorts | Leonardo Wedges | Random Brand Clutch | Gifted Watch

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9 thoughts on “Free Spirit

  1. thehearabouts

    Wow, I can't even imagine the enthusiasm (and also the anxiety) you have been feeling. I used to have dreams like that before exams or before trips.. I don't even want to think how I will freak out before my wedding :)). Anyway, it's good that everything is settled now and you feel more calm. I wish you good luck with the dance classes, I think it's so amazing to do that :) .

    Back to your outfit, I'm loving the white with the yellow floral touches.


  2. anaivilo

    You look soooo lovely with this top and those wedges! :D:D
    Omg I can't even imagine the stres you are going through, I don't even picture myself married anytime soon, nor do I wish for it, unless..I find my soul mate or something like that. I am a bit skeptical, always been :)
    I am sure your wedding will be beautiful !

  3. archista

    Loving your effortless outfit :) you always manage to look so chic! Gah I'm such a control freak as well, sadly for me my endless to-do lists always go wrong. I'm glad the biggest part of your wedding-planning is over. Now the stress can be replaced with excitement :) I hope in a few years I can enjoy the experience as well 😀 (and hopefully with to-do lists that do get finished)

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