She Wore Blue

Like many other girls, I bear my fair share of insecurities, but they do tend to dissolve once I wear something as beautiful as this cobalt blue dress that I received courtesy of Kristine’s Collection. Aside from the cut, which is very flattering, I was drawn by its bold color which you guys probably know that is one of my all time favorites. And if the floral dress stood for a relaxed and more casual choice, the Carvella Laced Peplum Shiftdress feels elegant and chic in a totally effortless way. I’m slowly but surely building my dress collection. I guess later is better than never. Note to self: you need more pairs of black heels ^_^

She Wore Blue 01

Wearing | Dress c/o Kristine’s Collection | Zara Heels

She Wore Blue 02

She Wore Blue 03

She Wore Blue 04

She Wore Blue 05

She Wore Blue 06


She Wore Blue 07

She Wore Blue 08

10 thoughts on “She Wore Blue

  1. Moi Contre Le Vie

    Beautiful dress – So perfect for Spring! I like the black lace & the peplum, its those little touches that make is such a fun, unique piece. Lovely! :)

  2. thehearabouts

    I love these photos, there's something special about them. Especially the first one.

    Beautiful shade of blue and great cut, this dress is really made for you!


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