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This past week my schedule has been filled to the brim and between work, wedding appointments,shopping and house chores, I didn’t even realize when the days flew by. Suffice to say I haven’t found the time to take pictures for an outfit post or attend the Feeric Fashion Days, although I had high hopes for both. I always knew the month before the wedding was going to be crazy, but I still planned on being around the blog for as much as possible. Sometimes I manage quite alright, at others I struggle and I end up feeling guilty.

In a perfect world, I would probably be doing it all, but if the past few days taught me anything is that I should really be taking things slow whenever possible and enjoy these moments as they are never coming back. So, no outfit today, but instead I decided to share with you little bits of life lately, a few goodies and I thought that maybe you missed Puss, who recently explored endless fields of grass for the first time, which somehow explains his terrified expression. Not so brave in the real world my sweet boy ♥ ♥ ♥

Lately 01

Free Spirit

Ever since we began planning our wedding, I started having a recurring dream (my first and hopefully last experience of the sort) where I found myself without a dress, desperately seeking for someone to do my hair and make-up, hours before the wedding. Picture that! I even dreamt that I had completely forgotten about the wedding up until the day it was suppose to happen, or that we both fell asleep and woke up by the time we should have already been in church. I blamed the anxiety, because as you may already know, I am a sort of control freak, which explains my need to constantly organize and surround myself with infinite to-do lists.

As the months went by and things started falling into place, some easier than others, I regained a sense of calmness and now with little over a month before our big day, I finally feel at ease, like a big weight has just been lifted up my shoulders, although there is still plenty to do and many moments left for me to freak out.

Free Spirit 01

Romantic Rebel

As I sit in front of my desk, craving for ice-cream and breathing the unbreathable air, I kind of wish for half an hour of rain, or for a short escape somewhere in the mountains, where the nights are just a tiny bit chilly, whichever can arrive first. Needless to say I now live for the breezy evenings and nights, as they are by far my favourite things about summer. Our walks and coffee dates were also postponed for when the sung begins to slowly set. The appetite is gone, except for the ice-cream craving of course, but at least the wardrobe gets to be infused with bright new colors. And I don’t mean my usual picks of orange and cobalt, but new delicious shades, like this yellow that stole my eyes.
Seeing how the week-end is nearly here, I wish you a fantastic one! Lots of love

Romantic Rebel 01


A little later than initially scheduled, my orange and black look finally found its way on the blog. After a full weekend away it feels good to be back home in what appears to be a totally different season. I don’t know if this happens to all of you, but after a few days away from the computer, I find it hard to get back on track with my old routine. I also blame the beautiful weather and the birds chirping outside my window for this lazy mood that took over me. I should really get back to work now, as my to-do-lists are piling on.

Have a great start of the week!

Two-Fold 01


I’m not the one to usually post previews on the blog, but today I find myself forced to leave you with just a quick sneak-peak at the upcoming post. We’re about to leave town for the week-end in order to attend a wedding and despite wanting to leave you guys with a new post, I couldn’t find the proper time to select/edit the photos yet. Meaning I’ll be back with the entire set of pictures on Sunday night.

I’m wishing you all an amazing week-end, I personally can’t wait to enjoy these few days away, to indulge in a little shopping and of course to have the best time at the wedding.



For a girl that is so deeply in love with neutrals, I sure missed on incorporating nudes, creams and tans in my wardrobe for long enough. But as it is never too late to refresh your wardrobe with what you love most, I plan on investing in more pieces much like the pants I recently bought from Zara in the months to come. Other than that it has been raining cats and dogs, I have been reading “The Secret Garden” for the past week, I have been indulging in both healthy and less healthy recipes, I’ve been contemplating the idea to cut some of my hair, I’ve worked hard and I’ve enjoyed little moments for myself. For a better idea of what I’m talking about, Instagram is always there to account my activities.

Wishing you a lovely week with less rain and definitely more sun <3

Neutrals 01

She Wore Blue

Like many other girls, I bear my fair share of insecurities, but they do tend to dissolve once I wear something as beautiful as this cobalt blue dress that I received courtesy of Kristine’s Collection. Aside from the cut, which is very flattering, I was drawn by its bold color which you guys probably know that is one of my all time favorites. And if the floral dress stood for a relaxed and more casual choice, the Carvella Laced Peplum Shiftdress feels elegant and chic in a totally effortless way. I’m slowly but surely building my dress collection. I guess later is better than never. Note to self: you need more pairs of black heels ^_^

She Wore Blue 01