I absolutely adore Saturdays! Even the ones that include some work hours, after all fashion is a 24/7 commitment. This afternoon we “attended” a wedding ceremony at the church where we will celebrate our own special day in two months, just to witness all the steps, take in the atmosphere, look over the details. After that we indulged in coffee & cake, followed by our weekly groceries shopping. I love planning special meals for the upcoming days, refilling the sweets & desserts “department”, picking up things for our home. Now we’re about to serve dinner and after that is all work. The following pictures were taken yesterday, when the weather wasn’t all that friendly but I still refused to wear anything but shorts. Have a happy weekend !!

Deserted 01

Deserted 02

Deserted 03

Deserted 04

Deserted 05

Deserted 06

Deserted 07

 Wearing | Random Brand Top | Terranova Shorts | Zara Blazer | H&M Shoes & Bag

8 thoughts on “Deserted

  1. Maggie

    This outfit is so light and chic. Very fitted for spring time and summer alike.
    The location is very vintage and it accentuates the outfit even more. Looking forward to that wedding post to let the rest of us know what to expect 😀

  2. Zadin

    Pantalonii îţi vin perfect pentru că nişte picioare perfecte… e posibil să mai fi spus acest lucru, dar e purul adevăr…
    La cât mai multe combinaţii de acest gen.

  3. thehearabouts

    You look so beautiful! I bet you are really excited and overwhelmed at the same time by the upcoming celebration. Can't wait to see you in a wedding dress.


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