Summer Wish

I can’t remember the last time I’ve put together an inspirational outfit or made a wish list for that matter just to share them with you, especially as I find myself in a constant lack of free time as of lately. That was the first thing I thought about when I received Persunmall‘s invitation to check out their website and share my favorite items with my readers. The timing was also perfect since we haven’t got a chance to shoot for an outfit post yet, spending the majority of the week running errands and planning the wedding. It feels so good to be crossing a few more things out of the list, I can’t even tell you.

Back to the outfits, I must admit I started shuffling the Persunmall website in search of items that my wardrobe is currently missing, read dresses and a touch of color and that of course, would also fit my current mood. You won’t be surprised to find that the first outfit is dipped in black and white, I seriously can’t help it!!!

Summer Wish 01

I went for something uncomplicated yet memorable, choosing a playful print, a classic bag and black heels, all topped by some edgy rings. I seriously love that dress and those shoes.

  • Special Tower Sleeveless Dress here
  • Retro Punk Style Rivet Rings here 
  • Black Suede Thin Heeled Heels here
  • Classical Diamond Check Flap Satchel here

The second outfit is more colorful, more romantic, more light even. I love the combination of lace with the bright green in the dress. I also adore the kitty flats, I mean, how could a girl in love with cats resist them? Another bold pop of colour via the dainty bag and the outfit felt complete.

Summer Wish 02

  • Dull Polish Cat Face Flats here
  • Cute Lace Half See Through Dress here
  • Classical Wave Flap Satchel here

Putting together these two outfits felt so easy and so fun and there’s a lot more to choose from. I’ll be back with an outfit post real soon hopefully, until then I’d love to hear what’s your absolute must-have item for the summer? What do you dream about? Love ♥

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