Comfort. Is the first aspect I consider when I plan an outfit for a day I know I’ll be spending out and about, venturing the busy streets, running errands, visiting stores, enjoying a good cup of coffee. I know fashion is all about little sacrifices, about appearance and little less about ease. But I seek that ease in almost every item I purchase, I’m all about lightness, simplicity and coziness. I think they all can coexist with the notion of being fashionable quite well. Maybe that’s why I don’t often do layers, or crazy prints, or heavy accessories for that matter, although I love all of the above on the right persons. I don’t exactly recall when this love for minimalism bloomed in my heart, but I realize now that it was meant to be all along. I believe simplicity goes a long way, but in the end, the most important thing is about staying true to who you really are!

Off-Duty 01

Off-Duty 02

Off-Duty 03

Off-Duty 04

Off-Duty 05

Off-Duty 06

Wearing | C&A Denim Shirt & Bracelet | Pull&Bear Denim Shorts | H&M Wedges & Bracelet | Gifted Watch & Necklace | Random Brand Belt

8 thoughts on “Off-Duty

  1. anaivilo

    Goodness. the shorts are so cute! And the fact that they have those pretty stars printed on them, make them look much more interesting, and for me, that is really something that catches my eye!:D Great look;)

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