Needless to point out that the beautiful weather we experienced over the week-end lured us out of the house in no time, as the sun and the clear skies begged for a little escapade. We chose to visit an abandoned church that is located somewhere outside the city and the day couldn’t have turned out better. I fell in love with the ruins, with the beautiful landscape, with the history. Without mentioning the fact that walking in shorts,  without the weight of a jacket on my shoulders and with no heels felt like a total blessing.

I guess it was also high time to switch the focus back on orange, one of my all-time favorite colors that made its way into my closet yet again! Hope you enjoy the pictures, thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, they mean the world and here’s to a great start of the week! Happy Monday! ♥

Orange.Break 01

Orange. Break 02

Orange. Break 03

Orange.Break 04

Orange.Break 05

Orange.Break 06

Orange.Break 07

Orange.Break 08

Wearing | Zara Blouse | Orsay Shorts | Pimkie Floral Sneakers | New Look Headband | Gifted Bracelets

13 thoughts on “Orange.Break

  1. Maggie

    You look more gorgeous than ever. You never seize to impress or bring something new to the table.
    Great job pulling off this casual outfit (and very stylish at the same time) while still remaining true to yourself ♥ +1 ♥

  2. thehearabouts

    Such a cute relaxed outfit! I've always had problems with outfits for road trips..I can never seem to find the balance between fashionable and comfortable :))

    You, on the other hand, look great! The orange top is just what this outfit needed.


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