Day Touched By Sunshine

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

I must admit I am truly fascinated by the beauty of this season, by how it appears so unique, more like a perpetual astonishment. Feels like I’ve waited forever to witness the trees blossoming back to life, but now I think it was all worth it. Too bad yesterday’s shoot didn’t manage to capture my spring mood at all.

Do you also stumble upon days when everything seems to be working against you? When the hair looks bad no matter what you would try out, when the make-up doesn’t look so great in the the end but there’s no time to actually start over, when your mind displays an emotion that your face seems to block stubbornly? It all happened to me yesterday, so if I come across tired or bored in these following pictures just know that I was bursting with happiness on the inside ^_^ I mean, IT’S SPRING !!!

Day Touched By Sunshine 01

Day Touched By Sunshine 02

Day Touched By Sunshine 03

Day Touched By Sunshine 04

Day Touched By Sunshine 06

Day Touched By Sunshine 07

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