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Back to Basic

Back to black/gray it is but I at least managed to incorporate color in all three of my most recent outfit looks, so that must stand for something. It just so happens that at times, especially when I head out for the evening to enjoy my fiance’s company in a cozy and delightful place in the city, I feel like wearing something less colorful, something more …  me I guess. This Sunday we also attended the H&M Conscious Collection presentation that took place at my favorite coffee spot in town – Mojo – in the most intimate and lovely atmosphere. It feels good to be wearing dresses again!

In an unrelated piece of news, I wanted to let you know that the blog will be getting a make-over soon, I feel like it’s time to breath new life in this place. Enjoy your week and I’ll be back soon ♥

Back To Basic 01


Comfort. Is the first aspect I consider when I plan an outfit for a day I know I’ll be spending out and about, venturing the busy streets, running errands, visiting stores, enjoying a good cup of coffee. I know fashion is all about little sacrifices, about appearance and little less about ease. But I seek that ease in almost every item I purchase, I’m all about lightness, simplicity and coziness. I think they all can coexist with the notion of being fashionable quite well. Maybe that’s why I don’t often do layers, or crazy prints, or heavy accessories for that matter, although I love all of the above on the right persons. I don’t exactly recall when this love for minimalism bloomed in my heart, but I realize now that it was meant to be all along. I believe simplicity goes a long way, but in the end, the most important thing is about staying true to who you really are!

Off-Duty 01


Needless to point out that the beautiful weather we experienced over the week-end lured us out of the house in no time, as the sun and the clear skies begged for a little escapade. We chose to visit an abandoned church that is located somewhere outside the city and the day couldn’t have turned out better. I fell in love with the ruins, with the beautiful landscape, with the history. Without mentioning the fact that walking in shorts,  without the weight of a jacket on my shoulders and with no heels felt like a total blessing.

I guess it was also high time to switch the focus back on orange, one of my all-time favorite colors that made its way into my closet yet again! Hope you enjoy the pictures, thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, they mean the world and here’s to a great start of the week! Happy Monday! ♥

Orange.Break 01

Day Touched By Sunshine

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

I must admit I am truly fascinated by the beauty of this season, by how it appears so unique, more like a perpetual astonishment. Feels like I’ve waited forever to witness the trees blossoming back to life, but now I think it was all worth it. Too bad yesterday’s shoot didn’t manage to capture my spring mood at all.

Do you also stumble upon days when everything seems to be working against you? When the hair looks bad no matter what you would try out, when the make-up doesn’t look so great in the the end but there’s no time to actually start over, when your mind displays an emotion that your face seems to block stubbornly? It all happened to me yesterday, so if I come across tired or bored in these following pictures just know that I was bursting with happiness on the inside ^_^ I mean, IT’S SPRING !!!

Day Touched By Sunshine 01

Tame My Wild Heart

There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a skirt, when heels were just for fancy occasions and my life was defined by the right choice of jeans or the perfect pair of sneakers. Then came the early twenties when between going to college, moving to a different city and starting working in an office, my wardrobe got filled with sleek button-downs, tailored pants and lots of blazers.

I guess that in my head I secretly envisioned myself wearing totally different things all along, but it took a while to catch up and embrace the change. I really believe that 20s are all about experimenting and finding your true self, fashion wise included. Now I feel like I’m somewhere past the first half of the road, as some things are really starting to make sense. Like blending black and white and then switching for pink, orange or cobalt blue, mixing feminine elements with contrasting masculine ones, going for delicacy one day, and for a sportier vibe the next. This is me now ^_^

Tame My Wild Heart 01

Bring Me Flowers

I’ve always been a fan of flowers worn in the hair or as a crown, especially as they symbolize such delicacy and grace. They somehow remind me of those crowns I used to receive all through primary school for excellent results, alongside books and diplomas, the purest joy ^_^. It all seems like a lifetime ago. Good thing the trend reemerged now, when I am ready to embrace my femininity and wear such dainty accessories without feeling uncomfortable, because the one thing I lacked in the past was the confidence to walk tall, trust my views and carry my believes. It took me a while to shake off the feeling that I’m being judged for all of my choices. Living to please others, mistake or not (although it might feel like the right thing to do at a certain point), it ain’t a healthy habit for sure. Thank God, we grow up!

Bring Me Flowers 01