Channeling Spring

By looking at these photos you might actually think that I chose one of the warm, beautiful, almost spring-like days that graced the first half of the week to wear this super-light ensemble. But due to the lack of free time, we postponed taking pictures up until Friday when I honestly thought I was going to completely freeze once I stepped outside of the house. I tried my best to ignore the cold, the wind and the zero degree temperature but I can’t say I totally succeeded. Hopefully this is another lesson learned!

Channeling Spring 01

By now, you should already know I’m not big on prints, they’re just not my thing apparently but in black & white and on these particular pair of pants they kind of stole my heart. I cannot wait to actually enjoy wearing them all throughout spring and summer, alongside the pretty white shoes because they’re beyond fun and comfortable. I wish you a happy weekend and I’ll see you soon!

Channeling Spring 02

Channeling Spring 03

Channeling Spring 04

Channeling Spring 05

Chanlleing Spring 06

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