A Whiff of Spring

It’s been a while since I photographed stuff for the blog, but instead of an outfit post, today I decided to play upon the spring atmosphere that got me all excited for the past few days. Maybe I should start by admitting that I absolutely love having flowers in the house and I got carried away while photographing these beautiful purple tulips. That’s why they’re present in all the pictures, without exception, not that I mind.

A Whiff of Spring 01

Secondly, I must also admit that since we’re currently saving money for the wedding, I try not to shop as often, but I make exception from time to time. At least I don’t throw myself at everything I see and instead focus on what my wardrobe really needs. Also, since the sun fills the room nearly everyday now, waking up early in the morning it’s not nearly as hard, and a cup of coffee always helps.

A Whiff of Spring 02

My first pair of white shoes for spring was actually the last pair I spotted on sale at H&M. I remember really loving these last year but then I totally forgot about them. This Monday I decided to take them home.

A Whiff of Spring 03

A Whiff of Spring 04

Alongside the army green skirt and the beautiful pair of lightweight pants featuring a black and white print ♥

A Whiff of Spring 05

A Whiff pf Spring 06

And these are two beautiful gifts I received, that made my week perfect to begin with: the Davidoff Cool Water perfume which my brother brought as a gift from Paris and which I adore and a set of wedding stickers meant to help me better organize the big event ♥ which I love just as much! Thank you sis ♥

A Whiff of Spring 07

A Whiff of Spring 08

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  1. Simina

    Superbe lalelele, superba poza cu Puss langa lalele, tare simpatic post-ul.

    Mult spor si succes cu pregatirile pentru nunta. Make the most of it! :)

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