Silver Lining

There’s something about Spring that always helps me see things in a different light. Now that the clouds have departed (thank you for your wonderful thoughts) and all that’s left is clear skies it’s high time to focus on the good. I wish for more blog posts and time spent outside enjoying the sun, but March also marks the month we start planning our wedding ♥ 144 days to go and it seems so surreal at days! ♥

Silver Lining 01

This outfit is as casual as it gets and it felt like a blast walking out the door without the heaviness of a coat hanging off my shoulders. I just love the idea of throwing something comfortable on in order to go for a walk and a warm coffee during weekends! Now I’m off to read a few more pages of the “Silver Linings Playbook” before starting work! Have a wonderful week ahead! ♥

Silver Lining 02

Silver Lining 03

Silver Lining 04

Silver Lining 05

Wearing | Fishbone Sweater | Random Brand Skirt, Boots and Jacket | C&A Tights | Accessorize Headband


8 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. thehearabouts

    Love the feeling of these photos, the wind in your hair, the adorable headband and the pop of color!

    Wedding plans, how exciting… keep us posted ^_^ (can't wait to see the dress that you will pick).


  2. archista

    Pretty outfit! Loving the bright colored skirt, so perfect for spring :) So happy your thoughts have cleared out, we always have to stay on the bright side of life. And yay for wedding planning sounds like a lot of fun!

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