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Think of the title of this post as my way of saying how much I loved, loved, loved “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“, it’s easily one of the most beautiful and honest books I have ever read and due to my introvert character it gave me a lot to think about, as I found myself related to many of the situations. Currently I’m reading “The Secret Life Of Bees” which I’m enjoying just as much. God, I love books! Now I’m ready to see the movies as well. And I feel like I have a million things to share with you which I will start doing from now on because I don’t feel like talking about the weather or about my busy schedule anymore ^^

Wallflower 01

Paint It In Colors

After a week spent mostly in my jammies, wearing a top knot and my geeky glasses, divided between work, wedding planning and stressing for Puss’ neutering (he feels much, much better now), it felt actually nice to put on a skirt, some make-up and enjoy an afternoon out. Despite the cold, we made the most out of the couple hours spent wondering through the city, we treated ourselves with brunch and some macarons (my favorite kind of treat) and now I am ready to pick up where I was left. Despite not liking this long absences on the blog, when real life calls it’s hard not to pick up. The weather didn’t help either. But hopefully it will get warmer sometime soon. Happy week-end! ♥

Paint It In Colors 01

Channeling Spring

By looking at these photos you might actually think that I chose one of the warm, beautiful, almost spring-like days that graced the first half of the week to wear this super-light ensemble. But due to the lack of free time, we postponed taking pictures up until Friday when I honestly thought I was going to completely freeze once I stepped outside of the house. I tried my best to ignore the cold, the wind and the zero degree temperature but I can’t say I totally succeeded. Hopefully this is another lesson learned!

Channeling Spring 01

A Whiff of Spring

It’s been a while since I photographed stuff for the blog, but instead of an outfit post, today I decided to play upon the spring atmosphere that got me all excited for the past few days. Maybe I should start by admitting that I absolutely love having flowers in the house and I got carried away while photographing these beautiful purple tulips. That’s why they’re present in all the pictures, without exception, not that I mind.

A Whiff of Spring 01

Some dreams come true, some pass you by

I love having reasons to celebrate, to turn any given day into something worth remembering and if there are cake and flowers involved, well, all the better. This weekend was all about that and other relaxing activities, including indulging in goodies (maybe too much for my own good), reading (I just finished Silver Linings Playbook, next is Perks of Being a Wallflower), walking on what felt like an incredible warm weather and watching lots of series, of course. After struggling with some health issues for a while, I finally feel like my old self again and I am more than ready for an incredible spring ♥

Some Dreams Come True, Some Pass You By 01

Silver Lining

There’s something about Spring that always helps me see things in a different light. Now that the clouds have departed (thank you for your wonderful thoughts) and all that’s left is clear skies it’s high time to focus on the good. I wish for more blog posts and time spent outside enjoying the sun, but March also marks the month we start planning our wedding ♥ 144 days to go and it seems so surreal at days! ♥

Silver Lining 01