Upside Down

If we were to meet right now, I would probably say I don’t feel like the best company. I have a lot on my mind, and giving my predisposition to worry and stress, these past days have felt a little overwhelming. This explains my short absence on the blog and for as much as I would love to keep my two worlds separate, I’m not that good at compartmentalizing my feelings. I’m not that good at pretending either, so I’m sorry if I can’t keep this place happy, joyful and optimistic, at all times. The best things about today though, were the spring-like atmosphere, my fiance’s company and the sweet taste of coffee. I’ll always appreciate those! ♥

Upside Down 01

Upside Down 02

Upside Down 03

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Wearing | Fang Shirt | Random Brand Sweater | Mango Jeans | Zara Blazer | H&M Boots | Self-made Earrings | Engagement Ring ♥

9 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. archista

    Don't worry about it, we all have our bad days, it's what makes us human. I always love how you do try to keep a positive note in every post, even if it's a smaller one in this one, it's still present and that is what counts.
    Love the outfit, the blazer makes it very classy and the grey tones, yet the jeans/print makes it more playful.

  2. Zadin

    Sună foarte trist și sunt convinsă că este o poveste pe măsură în spatele cuvintelor respective.
    Nu pot spune decât că viața este un șir de ups and downs și că probabil acum ești într-un down… Cu siguranță lucrurile se vor balansa de la sine. Fii curajoasă.

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