One Of The Boys

For me, throwing on a cap and a pair of sneakers comes easy and has nothing to do with trends. I just love wearing super comfortable clothes and I would do it all the time if the other half of me wouldn’t long for some femininity, romance or edge from time to time. Safe to assume that I love experimenting with fashion and if a few years back I would have said no to a lot of ideas, now I’m more inclined to say that I would try anything, at least once, to just know how it feels if for nothing else.

One Of The Boys 01

My wardrobe is still small, but growing, not dream-worthy but I’ll get there too. And as I felt a lot of essentials were missing from it, I decided to try and approach shopping in a different manner for a while. I don’t longer throw myself at anything that catches my eyes, which saves me a lot of regrets afterwords and instead I try to focus on items that I really need (basics) and know I’ll be using a lot.The denim shirt and the varsity jacket were the two items that were sitting in my wish-list for far too long, but now they are finally mine. Two down, many more to go ^_^

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Wearing | Fishbone Sweatshirt | Clockhouse Denim Shirt, Jacket and Tights | Deichmann Sneakers | Kiabi Cap | Gifted Necklace

12 thoughts on “One Of The Boys

  1. thehearabouts

    It is SO hard trying to keep away from over-the-top items and focus on basic stuff, but I think I kind of managed it lately … more or less :))

    I love your varsity jacket, it's a must have! Great layering and you look cute in a cap 😉


    1. Oteea Post author

      Hard indeed, but I'm kind of getting used to it already :> I still have a long way to go.

      Helps that our lovely city doesn't have that many stores, so I'm in no actual danger :))

      Hugs back,

  2. archista

    Ooh love this different style of yours!! It works so perfectly, like you said basics get you far in the longrun 😀
    I love how girly this still looks even if it's a guy-inspired look. Great outfit 😀

  3. Stefani

    Different but amazing! Love sporty chic looks like this! You're great at layering,well done :) And your hair is so beautiful! I think cap looks great on you,you should wear it more often. And I'm in love with that varsity jacket,it's amazing!

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