Keep It Casual

I hope you all had a wonderful week, Valentine’s Day celebration included (or not). We took Thursday off, to just relax and enjoy the day, headed for lunch out, followed by some light shopping, a short walk and a TV series marathon as we arrived home. So I would say that instead of celebrating, we took advantage of the day and made it our own sort of escapade. We’re not big on romance, but we do love a day just for ourselves.

Keep It Casual 01

As the weather is getting more and more gloomy, it gets harder and harder to dress pretty and go out to take pictures. The rain doesn’t help either but one can at least give it a try. By keeping it casual, with denim and leather I found myself able to at least pretend it felt like Spring. This is turning into quite the obsession. A trip somewhere far away, where it’s sunny and warm feels like the best of dreams! Happy weekend!

Keep It Casual 02

Keep It Casual 03

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Wearing | Clockhouse Denim Shirt | H&M Leather Skirt and Boots | C&A Tights | Gifted Cuff and Watch

7 thoughts on “Keep It Casual

  1. thehearabouts

    Love the denim shirt. I can't believe I don't have one (yet :P) as these go with absolutely everything :). It looks great with your skirt!

    Oh yes, an escapade to a beautiful sunny place sounds fantastic. If only…


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