For me, a new month means automatically a fresh start, a brand new page, a chance to do it all again, hopefully better and since January is finally gone, I can honestly say I feel spring just a tiny bit closer. These past days I have felt somewhat under the weather, tired of the snow meets rain meets sun meets ice meets cold – and I could go on like this for a while, but I won’t – because that is all in the past now. I enjoyed the first day of February out and about, sporting my new Zara blazer and a lovely fishtail braid ^_^

Undertheweather 01

Now I just have to start up dinner, finish writing some articles and enjoy my Friday night by watching some more series – now I’m all about “The Good Wife” – while eating delicious stuff and drinking a glass of wine. I wish you all a sunny, relaxed and beautiful weekend and thank you for reading, means the world!

Undertheweather 02

Undertheweather 03

Undertheweather 04

Undertheweather 05

Undertheweather 06

Undertheweather 07

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12 thoughts on “Undertheweather

  1. alison

    Can I just say how much I love that blazer – the sleeves are just amazing! I have been trying to find something like that but can only find Helmut Lang! And your braid looks so pretty:) Great shots as always Oteea!


  2. archista

    Such a pretty braid, haha I think I just love all your hairstyles!
    Cool jacket as well :) so great that you have this whole positive vibes, I'm definitely trying to have the whole "new day, fresh start" thing as well. It just brightens every day :)

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