Blue Jeans, White Dreams

Despite almost caving in to the comfort and warmth of our cozy bed this Sunday, we fought that very first instinct and decided to enjoy the afternoon out and about. A quick snack, dessert, a cup of coffee and a few hours spent exploring the stores and buying a few things for our home, made the walk totally worth it.

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 01

However I did choose comfort when it came to my outfit: a pair of jeans, my fiance’s t-shirt and one of my most recent Zara buys, this perfect gray blazer, topped by a lip balm and not much make-up except for some eyeliner and mascara, seemed like the only way to go! Here’s to the not so glamorous Sundays!  Have a great week and I’ll see you around (meaning Instagram or Facebook). Hugs and ♥

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 02

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 03

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 04

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 05

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 06

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 07

Wearing | Zara Blazer | Pull&Bear Jeans | BF’s t-shirt | H&M Necklace & Boots

11 thoughts on “Blue Jeans, White Dreams

  1. thehearabouts

    Great job managing to go out on a Sunday! Me and my bf are usually super lazy (especially in this weather) and don't always go for walks despite planning them in advance 😛

    Love the tee and how the gold necklace looks against the gray of the structured blazer!


  2. archista

    That blazer is pretty perfect!! I'm definitely gonna look for it myself 😀
    Love the flared jeans, gives the whole look such a cool '70s vibe
    Your hair simply looks gorgeous in these photo's as well

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