Little Bits of Happiness

Tired of the cold? Definitely. Tired of snow? Not so much apparently. Today was a “throw a warm sweater, a pair of jeans and your boots on” kind-of-a-day, because we went for a long walk in the snow, topped by a hot glass of coffee after. I must admit that total leisure doesn’t come easy for me, since I’m constantly worrying, stressing and thinking about little nothings that in my head usually turn into bigger issues. But this is something I’m working on changing and days like today help a great deal for reminding me to always enjoy the little things and make the most out of every moment.

Little Bits Of Happiness 01

It really doesn’t take much to be happy, and this blog also plays a huge role in making each day turn into a whole new reason to dream and to go all wild and adventurous. Thank you for making this journey so beautiful and for slowly turning into my dearest friends. Of course I had an entirely different text planned when I started editing this post but no one was here to stop me from becoming all corny and nostalgic! And happy ♥

Little Bits Of Happiness 02

Little Bits Of Happiness 03

Little Bits Of Happiness 04

Little Bits Of Happiness 05

Little Bits Of Happiness 06

Little Bits Of Happiness 07

Little Bits Of Happiness 08

Wearing | Atmosphere Shirt | Fishbone Sweater and Bag | Clockhouse Jeans | Random Brand Boots, Tie & Cuff | Meli Melo Bow | Vintage Gloves

10 thoughts on “Little Bits of Happiness

  1. archista

    That third photo is beyond beautiful!! Love it so much 😀
    and it's great to take the time to enjoy the little moments, I always love reading your texts they make us readers feel so welcome and a part of your great adventures!
    Really cute bow by the way, I love how little things can turn a hairstyle so different and lovely

  2. anaivilo

    What a lovely sweater and the colors are just perfect foe each other! 😀 Gorgeous looking;)
    Curiozitate.. De la ce vine numele blogului tau? Ma gandeam ca "Oteea" ar veni de la numele tau probabil, gen Otilia, dar am aflat desigur ca te numesti Nicoleta de fapt, am tot uitat sa te intreb 😀

    1. Oteea Post author

      :)) Not much of a story there, it's just a name I found carved on the bench I was sitting in when I was in the eighth grade or around that time anyway. And it stuck with me, and I used it as a nickname ever since, for my entire virtual "life". It came only natural to use it to name my blog as well, don't ask me why :>

      Mystery solved!
      Hugs dear and have a lovely Sunday,

  3. Stefani

    Love the photo in which you're jumping,it shows how much you enjoy the snow! Of course,every photo is beautiful :) The sweater is so pretty,I really love it and the colors in the outfit look great together! Oh,and the bow is so cute!
    P.S. Love the story about the name of your blog! :)

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