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Today I realized I got to the point where I can pretty much assume I grew tired of winter, cold and layers of clothing. It happens every single year, right about the same time when I suddenly start dreaming about spring. A little too early? I thought so too. And this depressing month of January is not helping either. I think out of the entire year, this has always been my least favorite month, partially because it meant the holidays were over, and partially because all throughout school, this month brought along stressful times, exams and endless deadlines. I guess I still can’t shake off that feeling.

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While it’s true the weather got a little warmer today, I still felt the need to hide under some layers but I took a break from all the knits and took out some spring items instead to keep me warm company. And the beanie, became my closest friend lately! I hope you’re coping better with the cold and this month. Happy weekend! ♥

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Wearing | C&A Beanie, Shirt & Gloves | Zara TRF Jeans | H&M Boots | Dorothy Perkins Bag | Random Brand Earrings & Blazer | Gifted Scarf & Coat

6 thoughts on “Follow Me Down

  1. Stefani

    I hate January too,it really is the most depressing and stressful month! The outfit is really cool,I love to see pink in winter…I particularly love your boots and pants and of course,that cute blazer! Beanie completes the whole look,I love wearing them too! Have a nice weekend,Nicoleta! :)

  2. Simina

    Nici eu nu mă înțeleg prea bine cu luna ianuarie (tot din cauza examenelor și deadline-urilor), dar pentru mine luna ianuarie se termină cât se poate de bine, cu ziua mea de naștere 😀 … deși e veșnic înconjurată de examene :))

    Îmi plac tare mult ghetele! :)

  3. thehearabouts

    Everyone hates January :(. Even I do, and it's my birth month. It was pretty sad when I was in college and I had exams on my birthday and I could never throw a party because everyone was busy studying.

    Anyway, enough about beanie is adorable and I love the soft pink mixed in with the black layers. And the print on your tee is soso cute!


  4. archista

    I do hate January for it's annoying and VERY stressful exam time (wishing it to be over already)
    but I love the fact that it snowed again here so for once I'm not sad with the cold weather :p
    But I get your longing for spring, it's that time of the year we all just grow tired of the dark nights and icy wind.
    I really love those trousers and that bright pink jacket! Such a great cute/rock-chick mix :)

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