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Blue Jeans, White Dreams

Despite almost caving in to the comfort and warmth of our cozy bed this Sunday, we fought that very first instinct and decided to enjoy the afternoon out and about. A quick snack, dessert, a cup of coffee and a few hours spent exploring the stores and buying a few things for our home, made the walk totally worth it.

Blue Jeans, White Dreams 01

Where You End and Where I Begin

While I wasn’t very excited about this particular Wednesday, mostly because I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and I hate those more than anything, the day ended up being quite beautiful. We even found some time to shoot these quick photos before leaving, and we “celebrated” afterwords with delicious cake and coffee. Yes, I always need some sort of celebration to hold onto! Plus, my fiancee surprised me with a little bit of a shopping trip to Zara and I found some beauties that I cannot wait to wear.

Where You End and Where I Begin 01

Little Bits of Happiness

Tired of the cold? Definitely. Tired of snow? Not so much apparently. Today was a “throw a warm sweater, a pair of jeans and your boots on” kind-of-a-day, because we went for a long walk in the snow, topped by a hot glass of coffee after. I must admit that total leisure doesn’t come easy for me, since I’m constantly worrying, stressing and thinking about little nothings that in my head usually turn into bigger issues. But this is something I’m working on changing and days like today help a great deal for reminding me to always enjoy the little things and make the most out of every moment.

Little Bits Of Happiness 01

Caught In a Moment

These past days have felt better and lighter, I’ve enjoyed every moment of my free time watching series with my boy, cuddled up in bed, with a hot chocolate or coffee in front, and tasty cookies nearby. We also made a list of delicious restaurant we wanted to try out and our culinary adventure started off this Sunday, I mean one could say I eat a lot right about now, but really what’s a cold month without comforting food and yummy desserts? And speaking about food, it would be an appropriate moment to start exercising again!

Caught In A Moment 01

Follow Me Down

Today I realized I got to the point where I can pretty much assume I grew tired of winter, cold and layers of clothing. It happens every single year, right about the same time when I suddenly start dreaming about spring. A little too early? I thought so too. And this depressing month of January is not helping either. I think out of the entire year, this has always been my least favorite month, partially because it meant the holidays were over, and partially because all throughout school, this month brought along stressful times, exams and endless deadlines. I guess I still can’t shake off that feeling.

Follow Me Down 01

Grow A Wild Flower

Usually, when I mix black with shades of grey for my daily outfits (which I tend to do a lot) and then I add something like a skull motif on top of it, I end up feeling like I look way too dark for my girly personality. That’s why today’s outfit was perfectly balanced by my lovely wedges and a cute little hair bow! I love playing with contrasts, especially during the times when I don’t feel like dressing up, because today was just one of those days. I blame it on the cold!

Grow A Wild Flower 01

Modern Romance

I hope everyone had a wonderful time entering 2013 and I wish you all of the best this year, may all your dreams come true! ♥ I fully recharged my batteries, so it’s no wonder the first days of January were mostly spent out and about in spite of the cold, enjoying hot beverages, catching up with friends and making new memories. And talking about friends, I got to spent today in the company of one of my very best friends who paid me a visit in Sibiu and as expected, it felt magical. Oh, how I love these moments.

Modern Romance 01