Forgotten Stories

My break from everything during the Holidays turned out to become a little longer than I initially planned, hence the absence from the blog, but all I can say is that I really needed some time for me and especially some rest. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with magic moments and spent alongside your happy families. I ate a lot, especially sweets and cookies, I watched movies and a lot of episodes of my favorite TV series, I played with Puss and enjoyed some walks, so it was just perfect.

Forgotten Stories 01

As you can easily notice I am back to wearing colors these days, too bad it’ getting so very cold again! In the end, I want  to wish you a Happy New Year, may all your wishes and plans come true, have fun and keep dreaming! Thank you for a wonderful year and for being part of my life now! You are amazing! ♥

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Wearing | Fishbone Dress | C&A Tights | Random Brand Boots | H&M Belt & Hat | Vintage Gloves | Gifted Scarf, Bag and Necklaces ♥ | Stradivarius Coat

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  1. archista

    Really loving the photo's sweetie. You look so great in vibrant colors, both the orange coat and red dress are amazing! I'm also a big fan of your necklaces, really looks like stuff I would buy as well
    Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas break, I hope you'll have an awesome New Years Eve as well.
    See you in 2013!

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