Paint It Black

I don’t know exactly why, but apparently I am being drawn back towards black as of lately. Maybe the freezing weather or the moody winter sky influenced my most recent switch of direction, but this is what I feel like wearing every day now. Black, black, some gray, some white and then black again. Oh well, I guess it’s just another phase that once gone, will allow me to fully enjoy lively colors again, hopefully soon.

Paint It Black 01

And call me crazy, but I really started to love shooting for outfits during this time of the year, when the temperatures are dropping and the scenery is so melancholic and dramatically beautiful. Give me snow, a few naked trees and I feel like I’m living in a fairytale. I am even getting better at ignoring the cold, so that I can wear skirts all the time ^_^

As I already mentioned on Facebook, this will be my last shoot before Christmas, as I intend to take a little break from everything during the Holidays! I want to enjoy every moment, I want to cook, eat, watch movies, take walks, sit near the Christmas tree and just rest. After that, it will all be fun and work all over again! I wish you the most wonderful weekend and enjoy to the fullest the last days leading to Christmas!

Paint It Black 02

Paint It Black 03

Paint It Black 04

Paint It Black 05

Paint It Black 06

Wearing | M&Co Sweater | ASOS Tulip Skirt | C&A Tights | H&M Ankle Boots & Satchel | Gifted Necklace, Bracelet and Scarf | Meli Melo Headband | Eponge Gloves | Irina S. Coat

4 thoughts on “Paint It Black

  1. anaivilo

    I am starting to loathe the cold because I can't stand wearing only skirts..I am wrapping myself in layers of tights, socks and sweaters and I don't have the mood to take photos. But you look great and I congratu;ate you for the courage :))
    I hope you have a very Merry Merry Merry Christmas! 😀

  2. archista

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment again :) I'm gonna reply instantly before I get swamped into work again :p
    First I wish you the best holidays ever! I hope you'll spend a magical time with your family and friends :)
    Second: I love these sceneries so much, you truly shine and look like a princess! Your skin seems to glow as well.
    I adore that bag so much, shame on me for not shopping h&m more frequently!

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