When we took these pictures the temperatures were way below zero, and yet they didn’t stop me from wearing a skirt and my beloved leather jacket. Basically, for a little while there I became one of those girls people look at on the streets wondering “What is she thinking? She will freeze completely” As a matter of fact, my two pairs of tights and the warm sweater underneath prevented that from happening, but I wasn’t feeling exactly warm either. It was bearable for a couple of hours of running errands, taking some pictures, drinking a hot tea and running back home.

Frozen 01

Today I plan on recharging my batteries for at least half a day, because the following week will be crazy busy. Can’t believe there’s only one week left until Christmas Eve ^_^! I think I kind of got used to this hectic schedule of mine and I happen to like the rush, but I do miss having at least one good old lazy day to watch movies, my series, to read and to play with Puss. Christmas will be that time for me! I cannot wait to watch Home Alone! Again! I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and keep warm ♥

Frozen 02

Frozen 03

Frozen 04

Frozen 05

Frozen 06

Frozen 07

Frozen 08

Wearing | Zara Leather Jacket | Random Brand Skirt | Gifted Tights | Deichmann Boots | Orsay Sweater Underneath | Gifted Scarf and Bracelet ♥

9 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. archista

    Your outfit is so beautiful! I really love the electric blue skirt, great pop of color against the white snow-land.
    I think that even if it wasn't warm, it was definitely worth the effort, because it looks just amazing!
    By the way I just read your comments and I must say they always make me smile a lot :) I'm so happy we found each others blogs! I love connecting to people all around the world :)
    Hope your week at least has some few moments of rest but it sounds great to look forward to christmas day to spend doing all the things you love.
    Have a great sunday and of course a greak week 😀
    x Maya

  2. Maggie

    Wow, these pictures really look frozen. I also love how the whole outfit contrast against the snowy background.
    The picture where you throw snow in the air is beautifully captured and the hand necklace is gorgeous.

    This might sound silly but is the clock working? 😀

  3. thehearabouts

    You look like a blue snow fairy, glad that you had the courage to wear a skirt and leather jacket. And what a cute bracelet you have <3

    I'm looking forward to more peaceful days, as well.

    Have a great week and try not to put too much pressure on yourself :)

  4. Stefani

    That blue skirt is so beautiful! Love that you styled it with leather jacket,looks so cool! The pictures are really amazing,my favorites are those when you're playing with snow :) Love the bracelet too!
    Have a nice day,Nicoleta!

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