When it comes to my everyday clothing, I love a colorful outfit just as much as I love a black, white or gray one. And I happen to love to wear elegant clothes, just as much as I enjoy throwing a pair of jeans and a shirt on and go all laid-back for the day. And I think this is the fun of fashion, the endless possibilities to be someone new every day. Right now, I couldn’t possibly commit to a style, although I appreciate people who flawlessly stick to a signature aesthetic.

Black-Out 01

These past couple of days it has been snowing like crazy and I absolutely love it. But taking pictures while outside it’s snowing, for as beautiful as it looks in the end, it’s hard. Hard and fun nonetheless. There comes a point when your hair looks …not great and when every single snowflake seems to aim straight for the eyes, but regardless of that I loved my first winter shoot. I felt like a kid again. A happy one!

Black-Out 02

Black-Out 03

Black-Out 05

Black-Out 05

Black-Out 06

Black-Out 07

Wearing | Gifted Coat | H&M Jumper, Boots & Bag | Takko Leggings | Gifted Earrings ♥

13 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. thehearabouts

    Your make-up looks impeccable, despite the weather..I love how it stands out against the snow.

    I know how difficult it is to take outfit pics while it's snowing but in most cases the results are definitely worth it. And your lovely post is no exception :)


  2. Stefani

    OMG,these photos are really,really beautiful! This is my favorite post of yours <3 Love the sweater and your new bag and boots are so pretty! Cute earrings too! And your hair looks amazing,the snow didn't ruin it :) I know I'm repeating myself,but your make-up is always perfect,this time red lipstick added a nice touch to the outfit.

  3. Criss

    This is purely art. Utterly perfection <3

    Infinite beauty and absolutely wonderful pictures.

    Kudos to the model and also the photographer! Creative and adorable couple!!!

    Love all the pictures, great ideas and amazing photoshoot!

    Love, C.

    1. Oteea Post author

      Ma gandeam eu ca asta e 😀
      A ramas printre preferatele mele chiar si dupa atata timp, dar zapada si rujul fac totul sa stii:))
      Si da rujul era un Mac, the only one I ever had, cred ca nuanta era Russian Red, ceva cu Russian anyway.
      La Mac ai toate sansele sa gasesti nuanta pe care o cauti, doar daca ajungi prin alte orase :>


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