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Forgotten Stories

My break from everything during the Holidays turned out to become a little longer than I initially planned, hence the absence from the blog, but all I can say is that I really needed some time for me and especially some rest. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with magic moments and spent alongside your happy families. I ate a lot, especially sweets and cookies, I watched movies and a lot of episodes of my favorite TV series, I played with Puss and enjoyed some walks, so it was just perfect.

Forgotten Stories 01

Paint It Black

I don’t know exactly why, but apparently I am being drawn back towards black as of lately. Maybe the freezing weather or the moody winter sky influenced my most recent switch of direction, but this is what I feel like wearing every day now. Black, black, some gray, some white and then black again. Oh well, I guess it’s just another phase that once gone, will allow me to fully enjoy lively colors again, hopefully soon.

Paint It Black 01


When we took these pictures the temperatures were way below zero, and yet they didn’t stop me from wearing a skirt and my beloved leather jacket. Basically, for a little while there I became one of those girls people look at on the streets wondering “What is she thinking? She will freeze completely” As a matter of fact, my two pairs of tights and the warm sweater underneath prevented that from happening, but I wasn’t feeling exactly warm either. It was bearable for a couple of hours of running errands, taking some pictures, drinking a hot tea and running back home.

Frozen 01


Those of you who already follow me on Instagram or Facebook knew this article was coming today. I decided to do this post mainly because I wanted to share my first Lulubox experience with you guys, and secondly because the freezing cold outside prevents me for taking outfit pictures as often as I would like too. So instead of silence, I went in a slightly different direction. I might not be a beauty product freak, although I love my good dose of lipsticks, eyeliners and mascara, but that never prevented me from trying out things, and having my share of disappointments. So now, when I finally feel like I want more in this department, I developed certain crushes, on certain products that I might, or might not end up buying.


When it comes to my everyday clothing, I love a colorful outfit just as much as I love a black, white or gray one. And I happen to love to wear elegant clothes, just as much as I enjoy throwing a pair of jeans and a shirt on and go all laid-back for the day. And I think this is the fun of fashion, the endless possibilities to be someone new every day. Right now, I couldn’t possibly commit to a style, although I appreciate people who flawlessly stick to a signature aesthetic.

Black-Out 01

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As I look down the window and I see all that white outside, I finally feel like Christmas is coming. Yesterday we had our first snow and it was magical, although it didn’t last all that much. Must love December ! It’s freezing cold, but it’s beyond beautiful. As usual, my days were filled with work hours as it’s quite a busy time of the year but I do try to make the best out of the little free time I am left with.

Baby, It's Cold Outside 01

I Feel My Heart Is Dancing

After a magical Friday spent in the company of one of my best friends ♥, my Saturday morning started off with a delicious fruity breakfast, followed by a quick play-time round with Puss, who’s getting more and more adorable each day. It was exactly what I needed in order to be able to concentrate on work during the following hours. And in a short break between articles, I wanted to share with you some of the pictures we took on Thursday. It was a windy and cold day, but we had fun shooting, and I guess it shows.

I Feel My Heart Is Dancing 01