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Five days it’s a long time for me to go without a new post and I apologize for the lack of activity here on the blog lately. But since I’m experiencing what might be the busiest time of the year for me, filled with deadlines, projects, to-do lists, visits to the vet and so on, I can hardly find any time to relax, much less to go out and take pictures. I guess I just haven’t figured out the perfect way to balance it all yet, that’s why some days I manage to complete everything with success, while others I feel like the more I do, the farther I get from having it it all rounded. Does that even make sense to you?

Life Lately 01

Because I had to take some pictures today in order to try out some make-up ideas that I’m currently experiencing for an assignement, I thought I could use two or three photos for the blog too. This might actually be my first indoor shoot and although I loved not having to wear a coat for once, I did miss nature with all its freezing temperatures.

Life Lately 02

And in case you missed him, here is my little cutie pie who grew a little bigger and a little stronger now. Puss had his first vaccine taken today and although he didn’t cause any troubles, I can see that he is still a little bit scared. Hopefully by the time he will wake up it will be all forgotten :)

Life Lately 04

Life Lately 05

And of course, a little bit of an early Christmas atmosphere!

Life Lately 06

Life Lately 07

Life Lately 08

More and better pictures soon, I promise. Now I’m super excited for Friday when one of my very best friends will be in town. Can’t wait to spend some quality time together. It will be magical!

I wish you all a wonderful week! XO

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  1. archista

    Puss is so adorable! Wish I had a cute kitten like him
    I love the indoors outfit and photo's, they look amazing.
    Just as the photo's of the Christmas lights :)

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