Hold Still

I was really on the fence about whether I should post this small set of pictures on the blog or not, since they weren’t exactly taken with this purpose in mind. The photos were actually shoot during my short trip home a couple of weeks ago, near a beautiful church, where we attended a beautiful ceremony for the wedding I was telling you guys about. Since I haven’t got the chance to take any new pictures this week (I blame the weather) I thought about sharing these photos instead.

Hold Still 01

Despite its simplicity I really love my bright coral-pink dress and now I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures without the coat. However, I hope you like the post, thank you for your good wishes regarding work, I’ll keep you posted on that ^-^, and I wish you a wonderful weekend. My blog will turn one year-old on Saturday!!! More reasons to celebrate I guess ♥

Hold Still 02

Hold Still 03

Hold Still 04

Hold Still 05

Wearing | Random Brand Dress | Mondex Tights | Gifted Coat | Deichmann Pumps | Engagement Ring ♥

6 thoughts on “Hold Still

  1. anaivilo

    A one year anniversary is exciting! 😀 Keep up the good work;) Lovely dress underneath, it really pops out! 😀
    And well, my transition was as I expected to be, I didn't make much fuss about it, but naturally they are two different cities and I can't help feeling that, both beautiful in their way, and I feel attached to both of them but in different ways. Oh well, once you've been in a big city like a capital, it's hard to adjust in a smaller one and not feel like.."being watched" :))

  2. archista

    Such a lovely outfit! The blue and pink go really well together and that first photo is stunning.
    The church seems to have a really cool shaped door :p
    Hope the weather co-operates soon so you can share more loveliness :)

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