What Dreams Are Made Of

Yes, I finally got to wear my beloved burgundy leather skirt the other evening and today I get to show you how I styled it. The pictures were taken in a bit of a rush, due to the fact that by the time we walked out the door it was already getting pretty dark outside. Quite frustrating if you ask me! Or, maybe I should move my blogging activities to sometime early in the morning. I would like to see that one happen.

What Dream Are Made Of 01

In other news, I can finally say that I feel extremely happy and excited about all the new opportunities I’m experiencing at this point with work. I might have mentioned one-too many times on the blog that I have been really busy with projects for work, but I never really told you what was all the fuss about. I never got too, maybe because I tend to keep the private things for myself, or simply because I needed some time to get used to the idea that I actually started living my dream – hence the post title. But I feel like sharing this great news with you today.

The other week I started my second writing collaboration with a pretty big fashion site, where I get to write about everything that I love, including photoshoots, editorials, street style and runway shows. I’ve been doing this for a while now on another platform, but now I have to split my time between the two, hence the constant lack of free time. But I can’t honestly complain. I love pushing my limits, I love learning new things on a daily bases, I absolutely love FASHION, and above all, I hate to disappoint people, which is mainly why I tend to commit 110%. I’ll keep you posted on the evolution of things, and maybe I’ll even get to share some of my articles with you sometime soon. It’s been a while since you had to read so much here on the blog ^.^

I wish you guys the most wonderful week! XO ♥

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8 thoughts on “What Dreams Are Made Of

  1. thehearabouts

    I adore the colors of your outfit, they look great together. And I agree, this whole getting dark so early thing is a pain :(

    Anyways, congrats for everything that you do..& I am just like you, I always give my best, especially if it's about things that I love :)


  2. Stefani

    This is my favorite outfit of yours! You look sophisticated and so chic :) I really love the color combination and I'm in love with that skirt,it's so beautiful! I'm happy that everything is going well with your work,hope you'll soon share your articles with us :) Wish you all the best!

  3. archista

    Love all the photo's! You look like a model in the photo's, I can clearly see all the positive energy around you. I love the color combo by the way, something I would never dare to try but you managed to pull it off! Can't wait to read some of your articles, so great that you can fully do what you love :)

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