Quiet Afternoon

Hello everybody! So, this is rather a quiet Saturday, there’s not much news about me since this week I didn’t had the chance to take any outfit pictures. It is gotten really cold – at least for me, now I feel half-frozen all the time, I’m not good with low temperatures at all, and it has been raining also. I cannot complain since I love spending a cozy day inside, watching movies, drinking hot-chocolate, catching up on reading and my favorite tumblrs, writing ideas in my notebook or cooking. Plenty to do ^.^ I get a little bit nostalgic thinking this time last year, on October 13, I was walking the beautiful streets of Rome alongside my fiancee, enjoying the amazing weather and the incredible beautiful city! ♥

However, today I wanted to share a few pictures with you. Since I am in the process of saving money for some beautiful future plans, and since I also have to make up for some little investments we made along the way this year, I promised myself I would stay out of the stores for as much as I can. Buuuut so it happens that yesterday I found the hat I was looking for, alongside a new pair of skinny jeans, a sweater and another something I’m not sure how to call.

Quiet Afternoon 01

I didn’t spend a lot of money so don’t worry, the plan is still working ^.- I find myself fascinated by these warm rusted colors during fall, and I cannot wait to add more to my wardrobe. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be a better day for photos so I can try some of these out!

How do you plan on spending this weekend? ♥

Quiet Afternoon 02

Quiet Afternoon 03

Quiet Afternoon 04

Quiet Afternoon 05

Quiet Afternoon 06

Quiet Afternoon 07

5 thoughts on “Quiet Afternoon

  1. archista

    I'm loving the hat! I must find one too (I had the perfect one in summer but lost it on the airplane)
    I don't think anyone really enjoys the cold! I miss the warm sunshine :(
    At least it gives the perfect excuse to cuddle up in a warm blanket and enjoy a series
    x Maya http://www.archistas.com

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