I Wish

Since this week was a little bit busy so far and I haven’t got the opportunity to take some actual outfit pictures, today I decided to share with you the six items that made it into my wishlist for the following month(s). It’s not a fancy list, but actually made out of items that I would use a lot during fall and winter and that have been on my mind for a while now.

I Wish

1. Cat Print Sweater. Well I don’t think there’s anyone happier to see all these amazing cat prints taking over the fashion industry for fall and winter, alongside tigers, owls and other cute animals. The sweaters I chose for the collage are from Opening Ceremony, but I would settle for any other sweater featuring a lovely kitty face as a print. I can’t miss on this trend. Not giving all my history with cats ♥

2. Lace Up Ankle Booties. I think these beautiful shoes could add a lot to an outfit during fall, and even winter if the snow’s not that tall. I would love to own a light brown pair with a little bit of a heel, just like this one from River Island. It would be a great addition to all the flat boots that I used to prefer for winter. 

3. Red Lipstick. I must confess that using lipsticks in bold colors is another consequence of reading so many fashion/beauty blogs. Until this summer I think, I loved my share of natural toned lip glosses that helped me look pretty without making me stand out in any particular way. After getting used to my orange and bright pink lipsticks, I’m now ready to pick red for fall and winter. Seems like the perfect timing and I loved the bright red one from Topshop.

4. Fedora. I first thought about purchasing a fedora (not necessarily studded, in fact as simple as possible) during summer when I had a little bit of fun trying on some hats. However, I couldn’t find a suitable one but I do intend to make things up by purchasing one for fall/winter. I’m still not sure if I’m going to choose black (like this Topshop one) but I do think they make for elegant and beautiful accessories.

5. The Hunger Games Trilogy. I know, I know, by this time half the world if not more already bought, read and talked about these amazing books, but despite wanting them so much all throughout the summer, I never went on and order them. I could have bought them directly form the stores but I really want to enjoy the original version and not the translated one. Despite seeing the movie, I can’t wait to have the books in my hands. Hope it will happen soon enough (Buy.com).

6. Over-The-Knee Socks. I’m thinking burgundy (Topshop), but also dark blue, mustard, black and even white ones. I’m constantly being drawn towards outfits that include this cool item so I might as well try it for myself and see how it feels.

Hope you had the patience to read all this ^_^ And I would love to hear what’s currently on your wishlist. Clothes, shoes, books? ♥

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