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Some Days I Don’t Deserve You

After witnessing so many winter and snow photos on the other blogs this week, I quickly panicked. So this Sunday, I took the opportunity to enjoy the fall scenery one more time, because honestly I don’t think it will last all that long. And I am so not ready for winter, although I should get used to the idea of cold and snow right about now. At least I will have Christmas to keep my mind occupied over the next months, and that I do love. Have a beautiful week and a Happy (Spooky) Halloween for those of you celebrating it!

Some Days I Don't Deserve You 01

If I Didn’t Know Better

I will try to be super quick today as a lot of work is awaiting and I’m still having breakfast. I don’t know how that happened, actually I do, but I like to pretend I don’t. Wasting time is my specialty. Anyway, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures we shoot yesterday at one of my favorite spots. Why my favorite? Because it looks good in the photos and because it’s completely deserted, meaning no judgmental eyes starring and no people passing by ^.^ I also wanted to thank you for all of your lovely comments ♥  I’m sorry I haven’t found the time to reply to each and every one of them like I usually do, but things are a bit hectic right now. Until next time, take care and have a lovely day!

If I Didn't Know Better 01

Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain

Happy Sunday everyone ! I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend, with a beautiful and warm sun just like the one shining over here. I’m currently updating my to-do-list for today and tomorrow, guess I love making all kinds of lists and cross things over once I’m done. It’s going to be kind of a busy day, but I’ll have time to relax a bit also. Maybe I’ll even catch up on a movie later. I’m thinking “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World” + popcorn + apple pie for a super-cozy night in. Meanwhile, I’m going to let you with some pictures we took yesterday evening during a lovely walk across town. See you soon! ♥

Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain 01


This is exactly how the weather felt yesterday – summer-ish in the afternoon so perfect for a walk, fading into a much colder evening, just like it’s supposed to feel now I guess. By the time we got to shot this pictures I was caught right in the middle. But I can’t really complain, I loved yesterday. It was one of the most exciting and happiest days I’ve had in a while. I really wanted to write this post as soon as I was done with work the other night, but instead, I chose to enjoy a glass of wine, delicious food, a fresh baked dessert and Dexter, alongside my wonderful guy. Now I should get back to work, as exciting things are awaiting.

SummerFall 01

The Falling Leaves Of Red And Gold

Now that I look at these photos, I kind of wish they were shoot somewhere in the park, so I could become one with the breathtaking scenery colored in red, gold, russet, scarlet and light tan. This time of the year is truly magical and I sometime wish everything would stay like this for as long as possible, all, except for the cold weather. Getting out of the house today once the rain stopped wasn’t easy, and although I had kind of a different outfit planned in my head, I ended up picking something warm and comfortable instead, including my new hat.

The hat definitely deserves something on the feminine and sophisticated side also, but there’s plenty of time for that too. I plan on wearing it a LOT and hopefully I’ll figure out what better works with it along the way. I wish you all a wonderful and warm week  ♥

The Falling Leaves Of Red And Gold 01

Quiet Afternoon

Hello everybody! So, this is rather a quiet Saturday, there’s not much news about me since this week I didn’t had the chance to take any outfit pictures. It is gotten really cold – at least for me, now I feel half-frozen all the time, I’m not good with low temperatures at all, and it has been raining also. I cannot complain since I love spending a cozy day inside, watching movies, drinking hot-chocolate, catching up on reading and my favorite tumblrs, writing ideas in my notebook or cooking. Plenty to do ^.^ I get a little bit nostalgic thinking this time last year, on October 13, I was walking the beautiful streets of Rome alongside my fiancee, enjoying the amazing weather and the incredible beautiful city! ♥

However, today I wanted to share a few pictures with you. Since I am in the process of saving money for some beautiful future plans, and since I also have to make up for some little investments we made along the way this year, I promised myself I would stay out of the stores for as much as I can. Buuuut so it happens that yesterday I found the hat I was looking for, alongside a new pair of skinny jeans, a sweater and another something I’m not sure how to call.

Quiet Afternoon 01

Signs Of Fall And Old Colors

Yesterday was another one of those chilly autumn days that required warm knits in order to make the inevitable transition to the colder season a little bit easier. Of course I didn’t surrender completely, as I still wore 1/2 sleeves and my summery lace shorts, but I didn’t regret feeling slightly cold. Also you might notice that my hair was half-braided for some of the pictures, but for an inexplicable odd reason I can’t seem to feel comfortable wearing my hair like that. It’s like not having long hair at all so I ended up releasing it. That’s something I’ll have to deal with, because I really want to experiment in the hairstyle field also. I love it when other bloggers play with their hair so effortlessly and always end up looking beautiful.

She Comes In Old Colors 01