I Am Who I Am

Reading too many fashion blogs and spending an awful amount of time on other related sites can sometimes be so overwhelming .The amount of inspiration I take in on daily bases it’s too large for my own good, as I constantly change my perspective and my view on what I would actually wear. Things used to be so simple a few years back when I hated dresses, skirts and heels ^_^

I Am Who I Am 01

Now I am in a place where I’m slowly getting out of my comfort zone and I bet it’s not all that noticeable yet, but I’m figuring out a way to embrace change without giving up on who I really am. These pictures were taken on Saturday on our way to enjoy the Oktoberfest that currently took over the city. I loved the loud, colorful and happy atmosphere!

I Am Who I Am 02I Am Who I Am 03

I Am Who I Am 04

I Am Who I Am 05

I Am Who I Am 06

I Am Who I Am 07

I Am Who I Am 08

I Am Who I Am 09

Wearing: Pimkie Top  – Mango Jeans – Random Brand Ankle Boots – Random Brand Necklace –  Gifted Bag – Vintage Cardi – Random Brand Bracelet – Engagement Ring ♥

7 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am

  1. thehearabouts

    I know what you mean about inspiration overload and all :P. And it was quite similar for me.. I admired girls wearing skirts and heels, but I didn't have the courage to wear them very often.

    Your orange shoes are soooo cute!
    Loved catching up with your posts :)


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