No other season feeds nostalgia quite like fall. During this time of the year I often find myself remembering my high school days, when I would come home and have the house just for myself for a few hours. I remember enjoying the peace and quiet after a crazy day at school or playing the music loud while singing and dancing, I remember running around with my kitty (those will forever be my most precious memories ♥), I remember reading some pages of a book or drawing in my bed while outside was raining and I remember dreaming about the future, with my eyes wide open.

Nostalgia 01

That future turned out great, but between work, house duties, running errands, spending time with loved ones and going out, the days seem to fly by so quickly that once in a while I have to remember myself to stop, breath and enjoy. Those are the days that I love to fill with little nothings that make me smile. I love to start my mornings with a tasty breakfast and end the day with a big cup of hot chocolate served with delicious cookies.

Nostalgia 02

Nostalgia 03Nostalgia 04Nostalgia 05

Nostalgia 07

Nostalgia 06Nostalgia 07I guess nothing beats the scented candles, the good books and movies, the delicious hot beverages and all the little pleasures we indulge ourselves with during the chilly autumn evenings. Speaking of which, it is Downton Abbey & Mad Men time! I’ll see you ♥

5 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Maya

    Gosh I know the feeling, although I'm still studying at uni, days do pass me by so quickly and I miss the feeling of simply being bored and having to come up with an activity for myself :p Mostly resulting in rereading one of my favorite books or hitting a few notes on my guitar.
    Love the colors of the photo's so much!
    x Maya

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you Maya, again :)

      Yeah, I miss being bored too, now I do like a "million" things at a time, go to sleep way too late and some days it still doesn't feel like enough … How cool is it that you play the guitar ^_^

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