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I Am Who I Am

Reading too many fashion blogs and spending an awful amount of time on other related sites can sometimes be so overwhelming .The amount of inspiration I take in on daily bases it’s too large for my own good, as I constantly change my perspective and my view on what I would actually wear. Things used to be so simple a few years back when I hated dresses, skirts and heels ^_^

I Am Who I Am 01

Old Streets. New Memories

It’s crazy to see how the most beautiful moments of our lives turn into memories in just minutes, right? The lovely walk we took yesterday, the laughs we shared the other night, the things we said this morning, they are all memories now. Memories that I love and cherish. And if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have all these pictures reminding me of how great it feels to walk the old streets carrying all those precious feelings inside. My little treasures ♥

In case you didn’t notice, I have the tendency to romanticize everything ^_^

Old Streets. New Memories 01


No other season feeds nostalgia quite like fall. During this time of the year I often find myself remembering my high school days, when I would come home and have the house just for myself for a few hours. I remember enjoying the peace and quiet after a crazy day at school or playing the music loud while singing and dancing, I remember running around with my kitty (those will forever be my most precious memories ♥), I remember reading some pages of a book or drawing in my bed while outside was raining and I remember dreaming about the future, with my eyes wide open.

Nostalgia 01

Purple Thoughts

Today reminded me again why I love fall so much: the sun was warm enough to wear a t-shirt, the city was filled with people enjoying the last bits of ice-cream, the music was playing at every terrace and everywhere I looked people seemed happy and relaxed! For short moments I felt like I was still enjoying the long gone holidays ♥ I hope the pictures captured some of the calmness that surrounded me on this wonderful Sunday ! It really doesn’t take much to be happy ^_^ I wish you all an amazing week !

Purple Thoughts 01

Comfort On A Rainy Day

The title pretty much explains it all. It’s not the first time that the weather decides to play her little tricks on me, so I’m already used to planning an outfit for a sunny day and wake up the next morning with clouds, rain and wind instead. Today more than ever I searched for comfort and warmth in my outfit, and an old pair of jeans + a knitted sweater seemed like the proper way to confront the cold. I also think I discovered my new favorite coffee spot in town, it’s actually so close to home that we never really had the chance to try it out.

It’s not all that exciting to go out on this gloomy weather, but it’s absolutely perfect to get cozy and enjoy a lovely evening inside. Hot chocolate and movies it is ^_^. All after I’m done working of course … I’ll see you around ♥ Enjoy the rest of the day !

Comfort On A Rainy Day

Preppy Monday

I love fall. I love the chilly weather, I love the rain, I love the warm colors, the crisp air and even if I hate feeling cold most of the times, I bear with the feeling because in the end it is worth it. This morning really felt like fall, but the illusion disappeared in just moments. I held onto that sensation though, and I embraced the preppy style for a day that celebrates the beginning of a new school year in our country. I didn’t feel quite well today so I’m sorry if the pictures are not all about the happiness and joy that I felt on the inside ^_^

Have an amazing week my darlings and I’ll see you in a couple of days, much love ♥

Preppy Monday 01

Bubble Gum & Cobalt

As in pink and blue, mixed together for a fun color pop on a not-so-sunny day. Actually before shooting for these quick pictures I had one of those not so rare moments when nothing goes with anything else in the closet. I changed outfits about three or four times because nothing really felt right. That was so annoying. Until I remembered I had this pink blazer hidden somewhere, it’s 8 years old but still feels nice. Paired with blue pants and a flower print top, made for the perfect outfit to enjoy a coffee out and also do some grocery shopping.

The weekend is almost here and mine will be spent either at the countryside or working hard at home. I still haven’t decided on what to do, because I surely can’t do them both. Enjoy your end of the week lovelies ♥

Bubble Gum & Cobalt 01