On the Dark Side

Dear readers,

Sorry for the lack of activity here on the blog lately and sorry if I haven’t got the chance to get back to you. I find myself forced to take a little break from everything, in order to properly take care of my eyes. After months of struggling and a misdiagnose, on Friday I found out that I’m dealing with a severe eye infection.

That pretty much took the fun out of everything, as you can easily imagine, and forced me to live kind of like a bat. I now enjoy a dark room, I have to think about my medicine & the eye drops, I have to avoid the sun, dust, flowers, pets (it’s the first time I’m glad I don’t have one, cause how could I have kept my distance ?). I also limited my time in front of the computer/TV. And, of course… no make up for me either.


These are some pictures I took back in June during a relaxing walk. I wasn’t too fond of them, even though I do love the polka dot dress, that in reality is quite orange :) Hopefully I’ll be ready to get back to you soon, healthier & happier then ever.

Love, O





Wearing: Random Brand Dress – Random Brand Belt – Hand Made Earrings – New Yorker Flats –  Vintage Bag – Engagement Ring ♥

5 thoughts on “On the Dark Side

  1. Criss

    WOW! I am loving the pictures, the dress, the whole outfit….and of course, the amazing person wearing them! 😀 It suits you very well <3

    I am sorry to hear about a health problem. I hope you get well soon, my pretty! All the best wishes and thoughts for you, dear! Hugs

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