The Next Best Thing

Following my intense Pinterest crush that I’ve managed to somehow cool down lately, comes my newest addiction – the old, but always new Instagram. Although I have set myself an account/profile a while back, it was only recently that I began my share of easy fun on the Insta-land. Feel free to join me on my newest time consuming activity – username Oteea (of course) …

The Next Best Thing

Other than wasting precious time, this week is all about embracing the fact that happiness is a glass half-full. I really am trying to see the bright side of all aspects, but it sure ain’t easy – not when I tend to focus more on the little, silly and annoying facts that try to get in my way on a daily bases. Small reminder …the glass is half full, always :) Hope everything’s great with you, guys. Until next time

Yankee1.Yankee Mood (^.^)

Lemonade2.Sunny Days & Lemonade

Miss Kitten3.My Lovely Miss Kitten Shirt

DP & Red4.New prescription glasses (thank God for contact lens) & the little Dorothy Perkins bag

To The Lighthouse 5.Currently reading & enjoying To the Lighthouse by Virgina Woolf

Love Spell

6. Love Spell Body Mist by Victoria’s Secret – the perfect cherry blossom touch

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