Comme Une Evidence

Perfumes have fascinated me ever since I was a little girl (no surprise there); I love the stories that hide behind the aromas, I love the delicate hint of mystery they leave behind, but most of all, I love the memories that each scent triggers; the feeling I get whenever that spark happens is … indescribable, almost magical.


Giving my fascination, it comes as no surprise I’m always curious to know which perfume other people choose to wear. Personally, I haven’t found a signature fragrance yet, don’t know if I ever will, I rather find a bit of myself hidden in all perfumes, just like small treasures.

My three favorite scents at the moment include Harajuku Lovers Love Perfume by Gwen Stefani, Comme Une Evidence by Yves Rocher and Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior. Of course, I have an infinite wishlist of titles that I would love to add to my collection, but that will require, time, patience and money.

Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku Lovers Love

Top notes – sparkling bergamot, pink pomelo, peach, and bamboo leaf mist …


Comme Une Evidence

Top notes – violet leaf and silk tree blossom

Miss Dior

Miss Dior Cherie

Top notes – freesia, lily of the valley, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose.

Needless to say I would love to hear all about your favorite fragrance, about your signature scent, about your perfume wishes. I’m off to enjoy a fast-food evening now – home made cheeseburgers, fries,double dessert and of course, more Dexter. Not healthy, but yummy, and I’m talking about the food of course :)… Hugs

6 thoughts on “Comme Une Evidence

  1. Alina

    Parfumul meu preferat e Miss Dior, cel simplu, nu Miss Dior Cherie. Candva, cand eram mica, a primit mama o mostra din parfumul asta si multi ani de zile nu mi-a zis nimic – pana acum vreo 4-5 ani cand am realizat ca, de fapt, pentru mine e cel mai placut-frumos-minunat parfum dintre toate parfumurile. Si pe locul doi urmeaza "A Scent" de la Issey Miyake. :)

    1. Oteea Post author

      Alina, ce surpriza placuta mi-ai facut :)
      Sa stii ca am citit intamplator, chiar recent daca nu ma inseala memoria, un fel de review comparativ intre cele doua parfumuri Miss Dior, iar cel simplu, a fost descris atat de frumos incat m-a cam pus pe ganduri – ganduri de a-l mirosi pe undeva si a-l trece pe wishlist …

      De "A Scent" recunosc ca nu am auzit, inca, dar daca voi avea ocazia sa "il incerc" cu siguranta nu o voi rata.

      Mostrele de parfumuri imi amintesc de vremurile copilariei, cand la noi pe piata nu existau inca reviste si eu rasfoiam "Amica" (Italia). Tin minte cum fiecare pagina, a fiecarui numar, era atat de puternic impregnata cu parfumul mostrei, incat nu aveai cum sa ii rezisti :)

  2. Daniela

    Oh, how I love perfumes! I think a perfume is the most beautiful gift one can offer and, of course, receive :)) I know they say buying a perfume as a gift is rather impersonal but no, I clearly do not agree with the person who said that :)) Maybe it's because I didn't find my signature scent yet and I'm willing to try more and more and more to find what suits me best. And it's also interesting to find out how the people "perceive" me, what's the scent they associate me to.

    At the moment I have 5 perfumes: Jil Sander – Style Soft, a very light and not-so-memorable fragrance, I use it only during the daytime, Lanvin – Rumeur, which has a very powerful scent, totally not for summerdays, I also don't think it's proper for my age, Lanvin – Marry me, which I absolutely adore, it's made of a mix of floral and citrus which is SOOO feminine, everybody is noticing it and asking me about the perfume I'm wearing each time I choose it, CK – One Shock, very sweet, it's like I'm spraying candies on my body :)) the main disadvantage with this one is that the scent lasts for too little time (maybe because I have a 20ml version of EDT, not EDP), and last but not least Dior – J'adore, my favourite from all my tiny collection. I guess it's not a single person in this world who doesn't know its smell :)) Beautiful but maybe a little bit too ordinary…

    I would definitely buy all the Chanel fragrances, the most feminine and exquisite of all fragrances in the world :))) I'm a huge fan of Coco Mademoiselle and Chance. I totally love Paco Rabbane – Lady Million, at this point I feel like it's the perfume I enjoy wearing and smelling the most. And there are many more, but I can't think about them right now :))

    In point of the pefumes I already had, I would buy again Lancome – Magnifique or Versace – Versus, these are the only two that crossed my mind. As I previously said, I'm buying new perfumes all the time, maybe one day I will find the fragrance designed especially for myself :)

    Loved this blog entry!

    1. Oteea Post author

      Uh-la-la, you really love your perfumes, D and I loved reading everything about them :)
      The main conclusions: perfumes are the best gift ever – totally agree, I also love exploring this field so it makes sense, and I have to find and test Lanvin – Marry Me ♥

      My small "collection" at the time has 5 fragrances too – these three, plus Hypnose by Lancome (bought for the second time, after receiving it as a gift the first time) and Promesse by Cacharel. I almost bought Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker a couple of months ago (I regret I didn't).

      I think I'll make another post with some of the wishlist titles, after I do some "exploring" :)


  3. alison

    What great fragrances! I have so many favorites it is so hard to pick..I love L'Artisan, Bond No.9 and Frederic Malle:)


  4. Simina

    Pasiunea pentru parfumuri o impartim :) Am si eu Miss Dior Cherie si il ador! Dar preferatul meu pare sa ramana Armani Code. Oricum, e mereu o placere sa descopar noi parfumuri. :)