Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hello, Miss Kitten

Oh, how much I enjoy this period of my life !! Most of the time I feel like everything is finally falling into place and I’m slowly but surely figuring out who I am (that’s the main purpose of the 20s, right ?) It’s like I’ve been blindfolded and now I can see, and I understand and I want to know more, learn more, experiment more.


The Next Best Thing

Following my intense Pinterest crush that I’ve managed to somehow cool down lately, comes my newest addiction – the old, but always new Instagram. Although I have set myself an account/profile a while back, it was only recently that I began my share of easy fun on the Insta-land. Feel free to join me on my newest time consuming activity – username Oteea (of course) …

The Next Best Thing

A Midsummer Dream

This weekend came baring high temperatures, again, so as expected, everyone tried to escape the city in order to find a little corner with fresh air to breath. Finding an isolated spot on such days can be real challenging, but all I really wanted to do was to sit on the grass for a few moments, read a few pages of my book and enjoy the silence. That’s all!

AMD 01

Comme Une Evidence

Perfumes have fascinated me ever since I was a little girl (no surprise there); I love the stories that hide behind the aromas, I love the delicate hint of mystery they leave behind, but most of all, I love the memories that each scent triggers; the feeling I get whenever that spark happens is … indescribable, almost magical.


Some Place Deserted

The week is almost over and I feel nostalgic, because it was such a beautiful summer week. Between work, and house duties, the days were filled with walks, long talks over delicious beverages and holiday planning ’til late into the night. The highlight of the week though, was my fiancee and I, celebrating 6 happy years of love and the feeling is simply wonderful ! I could not ask for more, right now


Vannesa Hudgens – Bohemian Inspired Look

I’m still not sure how I feel about Vanessa Hudgens’s take on fashion, but what I do know, is that almost everytime I come across to an image showcasing her casual, off-duty style, I feel the need to save it, for later inspiration.


Surviving The Heat

On Saturday morning, my fiancee and I had the most uninspired idea to enjoy our day by planning a walk, right in the middle of the afternoon. That’s the exact time I wouldn’t leave the house, under normal circumstances, of course. But hey, everyone gets fooled by the alluring sun and the beautiful sky, once in a while. It just seemed so quiet and peaceful outside, later I understood why. It was definitely a trap ^_^