Owl Orange Day

Between the days I felt like all my energy was drained, and the days when the heat was almost unbearable, June passed by so quickly, I almost didn’t get the chance to say hello. Now I feel I could have done so much more with my time.

I will take tomorrow as a fresh new start, as a new chance to make July the fun summer month it’s supposed to be. Back in the school days, I remember it to be my favorite month – the month I could enjoy the summer holiday without having to think about anything else. I plan on doing just that: no over-thinking, or over-analyzing, keep it simple and fun ! That should be a challenge.

Much love for you, darlings Enjoy your summer week-end & have lots of fun in the sun!

Orange Burst

Up, Up You Go

A Touch Of Orange

Owl on Top


Little Orange Bag



Cute Owls

The Ending Flowers

Wearing: Next Top – Orsay Short Pants – Leonardo Heels – New Yorker Bag – Hand-made Earrings – H&M Bracelet & Belt – Engagement Ring ♥

9 thoughts on “Owl Orange Day

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thank you, Oli :)

      I would be all about tiny or non-existing heels all the time, but once in a while I feel the need to "torture" myself on the real deal. Yesterday wasn't one of those days, I really enjoyed walking 😀

  1. Andreea

    Such a lovely top!
    I like the whole outfit. Looks great on you :)
    I also like what you did with your hair…and if it's not to much..i would like to know how you did it ;;) it looks so fresh and natural

    1. Oteea Post author

      Hey you ♥
      Thank you for all your nice words :) They mean A LOT !

      About the hair, I actually used a curling iron as I recently discovered I know how to use it without ending up looking like I'm in an 80's movie 😀

      However, this time I lacked patience, and It didn't really turned out the way I planned !

      Too bad someone – I won't use his name 😉 – doesn't like curls off any kind, at all ! It doesn't stop me from doing it, but it bugs me a little ;))

      Lots of hugs,
      P.S. Can't wait to hear more from you 😉

  2. Andreea

    Almost everytime I try to curl my hair …the result is a mess. I use a flat iron for curls (sounds funny, I know) and maybe that’s the problem. Although I tried several times with curling iron too and the result was pretty much the same. I always wanted the effortless, natural style…instead I got artificial curls. It’s like I’m a doll…and not in a good way. As we like to say in our country “sarmale” :))
    Anyway…I’ll try harder this summer.
    And about THAT person that’s been bugging you…don’t worry. He’s not the only one :)) But who cares?

    Kisses and hugs!

    1. Oteea Post author

      Keep on trying, darling, it will come out great eventually, I'm sure 😀

      Kisses & hugs back, ♥

  3. thehearabouts

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Well, what wasn't visible in the amusement park photos were the screams :)), not very magical if you ask me. Otherwise, it's a very pretty theme park.

    Anyways, I have to say I adore the print on your blouse and also your hair and make-up!
    And yes,enjoying summer & keeping it simple is the best idea..too bad it isn't as easy as when we were kids 😛