Celebrity Summer Style – Kate Bosworth

When it comes to fashion and styling, you may already know that after many years, I still love to get my fix of new ideas and inspiration, from the celebrity “world”. Of course, over these same years, I’ve developed certain preferences, I fell in love with a number of stars, I have found my favorite designers and came across a series of inspiring ladies, that soon became true fashion icons.

Kate Bosworth is amongst the celebrities that I hold dear to my heart due to her uncomplicated, chic, effortless and always feminine aesthetics. Her street style feels fresh, natural and above all, easy to pull off.

Mixing Asos and Topshop, with Isabel Marant and Mulberry key pieces for example, Kate is an on-going inspiration, especially during summer. How do you feel about miss Bosworth?



Much love, darlings

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Summer Style – Kate Bosworth

  1. Maggie

    Off: I knew I recognized her from a movie that I recently saw: Straw Dogs 😀
    On: Her outfit is indeed easy to pull off and looks very natural as you stated. This can be worn both by young girls and mature women. Very nice :)

    1. Oteea Post author

      Yes Maggie – Kate had the lead role in Straw Dogs – interesting movie, but her part was a tidy bit annoying at times 😀

      I'm glad you also like her style :)

      Hugs ♥