Blame It On The Sun

…for feeling so lazy; yes, I can finally complain about the hot summer days I’ve been awaiting so eagerly, however, I won’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair. Despite the unbearable temperatures, the super hot sun (I feel it’s gonna burn my skin eventually, without me being a vampire) and all the “friendly” insects that came along, I still love summer.

The nights are a pure bliss, but during the first week of intense heat, I felt like hiding in a dark corner and just sleep for hours, instead I had a Mad Men mini-marathon. This week I needed a change, so I decided to rise and shine bright and early in the morning (think 6 AM), start my day with a walk/run in the park, followed by a delicious breakfast ! Up until now it feels great, I really hope to keep up the workout routine this time, that’s the hardest part for me.

I wish you all a beautiful summer, filled with the most wonderful days and magical nights !!! Summer MoodBoho VibesDon't Look BackI See Stars

Girly Bee
VintageWearing: Pimkie Top & Feather Necklace
Pull & Bear Denim Shorts
Deichmann Plimsolls
Hand-made Butterfly Earrings
Engagement Ring


6 thoughts on “Blame It On The Sun

  1. Anaivilo

    I am watching Mad Men these days like crazy! I actually started yesterday the series. It's quite interesting 😀
    Great necklace! 😀

    1. Oteea Post author

      Thanks, Oli ♥

      Regarding Mad Men – I love it – especially the fashion part ( I adore the `60s). I just finished the first season, 4 more to go :)

      Hugs ♥