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Owl Orange Day

Between the days I felt like all my energy was drained, and the days when the heat was almost unbearable, June passed by so quickly, I almost didn’t get the chance to say hello. Now I feel I could have done so much more with my time.

I will take tomorrow as a fresh new start, as a new chance to make July the fun summer month it’s supposed to be. Back in the school days, I remember it to be my favorite month – the month I could enjoy the summer holiday without having to think about anything else. I plan on doing just that: no over-thinking, or over-analyzing, keep it simple and fun ! That should be a challenge.

Much love for you, darlings Enjoy your summer week-end & have lots of fun in the sun!

Orange Burst

Up, Up You Go

A Touch Of Orange

Owl on Top


Little Orange Bag



Cute Owls

The Ending Flowers

Wearing: Next Top – Orsay Short Pants – Leonardo Heels – New Yorker Bag – Hand-made Earrings – H&M Bracelet & Belt – Engagement Ring ♥

Celebrity Summer Style – Kate Bosworth

When it comes to fashion and styling, you may already know that after many years, I still love to get my fix of new ideas and inspiration, from the celebrity “world”. Of course, over these same years, I’ve developed certain preferences, I fell in love with a number of stars, I have found my favorite designers and came across a series of inspiring ladies, that soon became true fashion icons.

Kate Bosworth is amongst the celebrities that I hold dear to my heart due to her uncomplicated, chic, effortless and always feminine aesthetics. Her street style feels fresh, natural and above all, easy to pull off.

Mixing Asos and Topshop, with Isabel Marant and Mulberry key pieces for example, Kate is an on-going inspiration, especially during summer. How do you feel about miss Bosworth?



Much love, darlings

Blame It On The Sun

…for feeling so lazy; yes, I can finally complain about the hot summer days I’ve been awaiting so eagerly, however, I won’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair. Despite the unbearable temperatures, the super hot sun (I feel it’s gonna burn my skin eventually, without me being a vampire) and all the “friendly” insects that came along, I still love summer.

The nights are a pure bliss, but during the first week of intense heat, I felt like hiding in a dark corner and just sleep for hours, instead I had a Mad Men mini-marathon. This week I needed a change, so I decided to rise and shine bright and early in the morning (think 6 AM), start my day with a walk/run in the park, followed by a delicious breakfast ! Up until now it feels great, I really hope to keep up the workout routine this time, that’s the hardest part for me.

I wish you all a beautiful summer, filled with the most wonderful days and magical nights !!! Summer MoodBoho VibesDon't Look BackI See Stars

Girly Bee
VintageWearing: Pimkie Top & Feather Necklace
Pull & Bear Denim Shorts
Deichmann Plimsolls
Hand-made Butterfly Earrings
Engagement Ring


Under The Tuscan Sun

Feminine, fluid, effortless, simple (with that little special extra something – a ribbon, a button, a print, a color) – that’s the kind of fashion that defines me. Nothing over the top, nothing crazy, nothing futuristic !


While dreaming, browsing and searching for inspiration in the Resort Collections for 2013, I have found a few that caught my eye for more than two seconds and one I would have bought entirely (with monopoly money of course) had I lived in a perfect sunny happy world !!! I’m talking exclusively about the BCBG Max Azria Resort 2013 collection. Colorful, soft, perfect either for a summer vacation (in Italy ) or for summertime spent in the city !


Fields Of Love

Since I’ll be away most of the weekend, I thought a scheduled post would be a great way to make my absence feel almost … unnoticeable here on the blog.

I remember telling you, that Thursday did not start as a perfect day for me, but it eventually turned out to be a beautiful, beautiful day. A couple of hours spent walking, followed by a spontaneous escape in the middle of nowhere nature, ending with cake + late evening coffees, is all a girl like me could have asked for. Luckily enough, I have found the person that seems to always know what I need, even before I do! 

Taking photos while breathing the fresh air, picking out flowers and being surrounded by mountains, was a definite change of scenery.

Have an amazing weekend !

White FlowersIn The Middlle Of NowhereSmell The FlowersDouble OEngagement RingRetroOn The RoadFields Of JoyHeelsCakeLove On The MenuWearing: Motel Top
Terranova Shorts
New Look Headband
Handmade Butterfly Earrings
C&A Bracelet
Random Brand Clutch + Heels

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Today, is just one of those days … still undecided if it’s going to be good or bad. One of those days, when a bit is too much, and too much is not enough. Feels like a fresh new start.

What makes you smile today? Me – the clear blue sky, the thought of a good movie tonight, the flowers I bought yesterday, the coffee awaiting in the kitchen, a good, happy song played loud and these …

Retro Headband
FlowersCurrently reading: Armance by Stendhal
Favorite new(old) movie: Ensemble, c’est tout (2007)
Feel Good Song: Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
Newest obsessions: French movies + Hair accessories
Newest girl crush: Audrey Tautou
My days are filled with little things like this.
Take care sweeties,

Daydreaming In June

The long days of summer have finally arrived! An entire weekend without rain felt like a new beginning, with a warm sun and a clear blue sky, gently inviting us to step out of the house. And we did.

On Sunday, The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, an annual event hosting the world’s prime performing arts, closed its XIX edition with a beautiful ceremony, so we ended up enjoying a great concert and some truly amazing fireworks.

For the “occasion”, I decided to wear my newest and loveliest pair of pants, that would better fit on a beach, a simple top and ballet flats – comfy first, if it’s a day that implies a LOT of walking.

WhiteHula GirlIsn’t my Hula Girl truly adorable? She’s the main reason I bought this top :)

DaydreamHappy SadDetailsI ♥ my white clutch – told you this White obsession is getting serious

B&WChurchSmileySmiley in concert – pretty nice, I had a great time singing his songs

Firework‘Cause baby you’re a firework !!!!

Wearing: Terranova Pants & Top – Vintage Belt – L.Lambertazzi Shoes – Random Brand Clutch – H&M Bracelets – C&A Sunglasses – Handmade Earrings