In Search Of Inspiration

I had hoped I would write about my second outfit post today, but due to the fact that the sun decided to take a break for almost four days now, I didn’t quite feel like putting on a cute dress in order to go for a walk in the pouring rain. Although, at this late hour (it’s a scheduled post, yes) … that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Instead, I started getting ready for my little trip back to my hometown, where I shall recharge my batteries, hopefully under a bright warm sun. I dream of walking barefoot, playing with the cat and the dog, taking pictures, eating delicious food and strawberries, whilst being surrounded by the people I love most.

Heading home, means I will have some time to do a little shopping so of course, I took the Spring runways as inspiration, once again, in order to add other beautiful key pieces to my – currently under construction – wardrobe. And this is what I would love to wear this summer :


4 thoughts on “In Search Of Inspiration

  1. Barnaby

    I would never have the guts to go outside dressed like that. I'm more of a conservative type and I always say I should try new styles but I never do :(


    The outfits are very nice. I love the colorblocking in Phillip Lim's and the print of the pants in Holly Fulton.

    xoxo, Aves Gry

  3. oteea Post author

    @ Barnaby – I really think it's never too late to make a change, mine started just a while ago and it's quite exciting, I'm loving every moment of it and there's just so much more awaiting.

    @ Aves Gry – Thanks for your nice comment, darling. Lovely outfits indeed :)