Ginnifer Goodwin – Extra Set at Grove

If this is not your very first time reading this blog, you already now by know that last winter , or should I say this winter … no … let’s stick to last winter, I have developed a crush on anything leathery.

This passion, that still feels actual, is enough reason for me to LOVE the black leather dress Ginnifer Goodwin rocked during her appearance on Extra, on March 2. She is promoting her current series, Once Upon a Time, and looked amazing in the Shoshanna dress.


The black leather sleeveless dress, featuring a full pleated skirt and side pockets (cute) will become available once the Shoshanna’s Fall 2012 collection will be released.

To brighten up the look, Ginnifer wore this amazing pair of orange Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, and a statement color block bracelet, mixing cream and orange.

The edgy look was completed by the adorable pixie cut, the gold studs and the sexy sweeps of black liquid liner. *Sigh*

GG Look