Look Of The Week (005) Winner

I guess you guys weren’t in the voting mood this week, or perhaps you didn’t quite like any of the options I gave you this time, but results like this do happen.

With only three votes, Cameron Diaz is named the new Look Of The Week poll winner.

I guess her ladylike Dior appearance really impressed some of you, in this case congratulations.

My vote went to Diane Kruger, but that’s a whole other story. Next poll, begins on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for voting. XO


2 thoughts on “Look Of The Week (005) Winner

  1. Maggie

    Why no one voted for Kate Beckinsale? I really think her dress tops Cameron Diaz. Until proven otherwise, Kate is still my winner 😀

  2. Oteea Post author

    :)) Great thinking, Maggie.

    I was surprised to see Cameron win this week too, although I loved her ladylike look.

    Sometimes I just wish I could vote as many times as it takes, as one vote is never really enough.

    Maybe we will have better luck at the next poll. 😀