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Fashion Nostalgia – The Golden 1950s

Despite my busy, busy schedule these last couple of days, I tried my best not to neglect the blog, but I somehow ended up neglecting the Fashion Nostalgia Series. The funny thing is, it happened right when I was about to post the pictures from my favorite fashion era – The Golden 1950s. Today, we pick-up where we left and continue following this journey, as we get closer and closer to the 80s, and that will be our final stop.

“Although a great deal has been written and spoken about Nylon, it still remains for many, a magic name. It is almost magical, of course, for it is very strong, quick to dry, light and beautiful. As a supporting fiber, nylon combines with other fibers such as cotton, silk, wool and rayon to make beautiful long-wearing fabrics in a variety of weights and textures.” – Butterick Fashion News, April 1950

“The question in every woman’s mind just now is, “What is going to happen about Dior‘s ‘H’ line and his even new ‘A’ line, and how much will they affect styles out here? As yet no one knows the answer. The matter is controversial. Italian designers, who now occupy so important a place in the fashion world, continue to stress the bosom and keep the waist in its normal position. Many of the top American and London coutouriers, on the other hand, favour the lengthened torso line which shifts the focus of attention from the bust and waist to the hips.”Australian Home Journal, April 1955 –

“But what did I, out of Acton, know about the state of heels, the length of hems? In Paris Yves Saint Laurent had raised hemlines, though everyone else’s stayed mid-calf, and had brought out some ridiculous puffed skirts, and Chanel kept producing the same dull old suits, that much I knew: and you would see girls around with beehive hair-dos, high scratchy edifices which made them look scared and nervous – but fashion was just not my scene.” – Fay Weldon, Auto Da Fay


1950s Fashion


1951s Fashion


1952s Fashion


1953s Fashion


1954s Fashion


1955s Fashion


1956s Fashion


1957s Fashion


1958s Fashion


1959s Fashion

Changes and evolution in the 50s,for you to see more of this, I’ll upload the rest of the photos on Oteea Land (Facebook) this afternoon. Hugs.

2012 Must-Have – Lace Lace Lace

From fashion runway shows, down to Red Carpet events, from 2012 summer collections, straight into every fashionable girl’s closet, lace found a way to stick for one more season. So, if you want to spice things up in your wardrobe, it’s time to let lace take over control. It’s all about choosing the key pieces and reinvent yourself for 2012. Either you would go for a cute lace dress, lace shorts, lace shirts, skirts or accessories, don’t get lost on the way, there’s something for everybody this summer.

That doesn’t mean you have to completely change or give up your old style, just add some lace details to your outfits, for an extra touch of grace and softness. If you’re not the girlie girl type, hints for the colors, as they can make you look sweet and pretty, or help you hold on to your edgy side.


I remember the days when I was a little girl, lace was big and every lady would wear it somehow. Then, came the days when lace became tacky all of the sudden, and I was left wondering why and where it all disappeared. Little I knew about trends back then, but luckily (or not) things change. And here I am now, thinking about buying a pair of lace shorts, or a nice little shirt, even if a special someone I know, will not be happy with this decision, some people just don’t get lace. But that never stopped me. Hints of what I would actually love to wear this summer :

ASOS - Mint lace shirt

ASOS - Wine Lace Shorts

ASOS - Lace Details Dress

ASOS - Yellow and Lace

ASOS - Lace Bow

Remember, small steps, little details, smart touches, because a hint of lace never killed anybody and because girls do know how to rock lace.


Christian Louboutin Vs. ShoeDazzle

Girls love shoes, that’s a fact, girls also love Christian Louboutin, who doesn’t, but girls can’t always afford the heels of their dreams, so what do you do when that happens ? You try to compromise, search for similar type of shoes, from more affordable brands. The main idea here, is to look fabulous, without spending little fortunes that we don’t own anyway, just for proving a point.

To give you a specific example, I always liked the Maggie 140 Pumps, a celebrity favorite pair of shoes, but not the most affordable one :


You can invest around $550/$650 in one of these pairs, or any of the other versions available, or you can settle for these ones :


They’re not exactly the same, of course, but you do get what inspired ShoeDazzle this time.

The Amour sells for only $39.95 a pair, so that means about $500/$600 saved, pretty cool for a budget, huh ?

Too bad they currently ship only in U.S. territories and Canada. I really liked the nude+brown Amour version.

Decisions, decisions … but at least, we are offered the opportunity to choose what’s important for us.

Heidi Klum – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

I think I covered enough Red Carpet to last me a week, it was a little bit chaotic and a little bit exhausting, but finally I got to the last post. Luckily, an evening out with friends, music and coffee, will be enough to “heal” these crazy hours.

If I started off with nudes, there was no way I could have closed the day with color. Heidi Klum was the last but not least, to make it as a favorite in my Best Dresses Golden List.


Her look centers more around the amazingly beautiful Lorraine Schwartz necklace, so that’s enough reason for opting to wear a nude silk crepe sheath dress, signed Clavin Klein Collection.

Sleek straight hair and minimal make-up finished the simplistic look.

I love a beautiful, embellished, show-stopping gown like most of the previously ones posted, but next to those, I think a minimal and tasteful look, could easily find a place in my top. That’s the fun thing about fashion.

In the end, I wish you all an amazing, beautiful evening. XO


Nicole Kidman – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Nicole Kidman attended the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, looking statuesque in a Versace Spring 2012 RTW dress. The sexy silhouette had heads turning, as the amazing actress showcased a flawless figure.


The mint, bold studded halter gown found a match in the Roger Vivier Rendezvous clutch and a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals.

Gold jewelry, soft waves and a neutral lip color complemented the look.

I just can’t get enough of her.


Salma Hayek – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

I’m getting closer to finishing posting my favorite Golden Globe looks (I’m already behind my schedule) and amongst them, Salma Hayek was a vision of elegance, at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, sparkling in a black-and-gold Gucci gown.


The floor-length antique gold embroidered gown, was accessorized with a black satin Gucci box clutch and a pair of oversized gold art deco-style earrings.

Big glossy curls and a flawless make-up finished a wonderful, classy look.


Maria Lucia Hohan Dresses – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

What a lovely feeling, seeing two beautiful ladies wearing creations signed by the talented Maria Lucia Hohan, at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Big props for the amazing Romanian designer, for reaching such an important event, we’re so proud.

Kathleen Robertson wore a gorgeous white MLH gown, paired with Neil Lane jewelry, Christian Louboutin pumps and a Judith Lieber clutch.


Jenna Dewan opted for an emerald MLH Sidonie dress, that she teamed with Irene Neuwirth jewelry and a Judith Leiber clutch.

Wise to say some dreams do come true !

Other winners of the night :

Foreign Language Film: A Separation, Iran

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie: Jessica Lange, American Horror Story

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture: Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris